Deltager - Viking Tour 2017

Viking Tour 2017

Worlds most beautiful cycling - Steepest north of the Alps - Heartwarming atmosphere.

Seven days through World heritage norwegian fjordland. You can choose to ride with with non-timed enthusiasts in the touring class. We have no time limits - the challenge is simply to reach the finish line each day and to get all the shared thrill you can out of afternoon and evenings while recovering.

If this challenge is not enough, you can join the timed racing class over 10 daily class leader shirts and stage victories...

Parts of each stage are non timed for all. This ensure informal atmosphere between cyclists of all levels and gives time to enjoy fjords, glaciers, waterfalls, trolls and medieval stave churches.


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Hotel Friday July 21-22th. Prices per room, not per person.
Hotel package. Saturday July 22-28th. 6 nights inlcuding breakfasts. Prices per room, not per person.
Hotel last night:July 28-29.Prices per room, not per person.
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