Trondheim tangoklubb med Murat Erdemsel

Workshops and milonga - November 29 to December 1, 2019

Murat (he kindly requests to be called as mu-ROUT, second syllable is punctuated) will be visiting Trondheim for the first time. Many of us met him last year and this year in Lillehammer, many of us witnessed his inspirational teaching. So we have decided to invite him to Trondheim.

He accepted! Come join us at these classes which are different than the classes he gave in Lillehammer.


All workshops are in couples, except from the Lecture on Friday


Lecture: “Understanding the structure of tango music with Tres Esquinas”  - 18:00

Level: all (single registration possible)

F1: Phrasing and making compositions - 19:30

The the lecture before this class is highly recommended if not mandatory.

Level: all


L1: Technique for men and women. Challenging exercises to strengthen your balance - 11:30

Level: all

L2: Alignments for useful vocabulary. Close look at ochos and turns - 13:30

Level: all

L3: Simple recipe for vals. Finding creative ways to dance to every vals - 15:30

Level: all


S1: Moving in different qualities. Skills to slow down and glide - 11:30

Level: all

S2: “I wanna dance tango”. Improvisational skills and creativity - 13:30

Level: all

S3: Leading and following work. 5 crucial steps in tango - 15:30

Level: all

Registration and payment

If you like to attend a class or more without attending any of our milongas select "No milongas" under Class/category. Full list of your choices comes as an e-mail after payment.

For those with a Norwegian mobile number there is the opportunity to pay with Vipps :-)

The registration deadline has passed or the event is fully booked