Religionspsykologi: Når meningskrisen rammer

Velkommen til kursdag på MF Vitenskapelig høyskole!


09.30-10.00        Registration

10.00-10.45        Introduction. “When Suffering and Crisis Related Shame Impact Experiences of Meaning in Life”. Addressing meaning in clinical practice (Gry Stålsett and Lars Danbolt)

10.45.-11.00      Break

11.00-12.15        What Meaning Is – and Where to Find it (Tatjana Schnell)

12.15-13.00        Lunch

13.00-14.15        From Meaning to Health: Why Meaning in Life is an Important Element of Physical and Mental Health (Tatjana Schnell)

14.30-15.15        Ways of Supporting Clients/Patients in the Exploration of their Meaning. Clinical Strategies (Tatjana Schnell)

15.15- 16.00       Meaning in Practice. Summing up, Questions, and Further Perspectives (Gry Stålsett and Lars Danbolt)