Pride Art Exhibition 2019

Call for artists: Sign up and register as a participant at the Pride Art Exhibition 2019 during Oslo Pride Friday, June 14 - Sunday, June 24

Place: 500 m2 hall at Youngstorget in Oslo

Title of this year's exhibition:                      "I FOUGHT, THEREFOR I AM"   

(reflecting the national theme for this year's pride  which is  H I S T O R Y )

This exhibition is organized by Pride Art,  the fourth cornerstone of the Oslo Pride festival. Shortly after the deadline for registration the 1st of March, all registered artists will shortly receive a confirmation email with all necessary information of how to prosed.  

This is a sales exhibition. All types of art is included (painting, sculpture, music, video, dance, performance, literature etc)

The exhibition is funded mainly through public funds. Each artist pays a registration fee of 500 NOK to cover the service at the opening show. The exhibition is planned and organized by a group of 16 volunteers who work through the year in the Oslo Pride system. Exhibitors are expected to participate in the rigging, execution and down rig of the exhibition. If you do not have the opportunity to participate, you can get others to contribute or request an exception.

This is an open exhibition, that is, we do not limit who is accepted to make a most open, diverse and including exhibition as possible in real pride spirit. As a pride event, we seek diversity also by being open to both professionals and amateurs on the same ground.

Shortly after the registration deadline, you will receive an email with a link to a digital form where you register what you want show in the exhibition. In this mail you will be presented by guidelines for what you can exhibit, for example limitation of of wall space by artist who exhibits visual arts, stage time at performing arts, length limitation for video, floor space for sculpture etc. The curator group will, in dialogue with the artists, decide if there is room enough or not and find a way to prioritize.

Pride Art will in the following week make our own slogan based on this theme, which will be announced on Facebook and here. You are welcome, but not obligated, to let yourself be inspired by the theme in your work for this year's exhibition. . 

Do you have questions?

Frederick Nathanael:

Our closed facebook-group Pride Art

ILLUSTRATION BY MARC KISKA - The sculpture "Conversion Therapy" (2018) - The winner of the Audience Award of the Pride Art Exhibition 2018


Registration form

Family Name
Alias (the name you want to represent you in the exhibition (Only name / alias aka name / alias))
E-mail address
Repeat email
Preferred pronoun (han, hun, hen
Phone no
Bank account number (to be used for refunds or money transfer if your art is sold)?
Allergies (used when ordering food for volunteers who participate in preparations and the down rig, and guards/guides in the gallery)
How many times before have you participated in Pride Art/Skeive Kunstnere? (0 if this is your firsts time)
How did you get to know about Pride Art? (through facebook, a friend, exhibited before etc)
Country of origin (the country you were born in)
What kind of art do you want to exhibit? (Painting, drawing, photo, sculpture, installation, video, book, stage art, live music, etc.)
Do you define yourself as an amateur or a professional artist?
As an participant in the Pride Art exhibition, I commit to respecting the core values of Oslo Pride while being involved in the festival: Showing solidarity, contributing to voluntarily work and to creating a safe space for all in preparation for and during the exhibition. I understand that racist or discriminatory expressions are not tolerated in the festival. Violation of this will lead to rejection of my artwork and expulsion from the exhibition
participating on a voluntary basis to prepare, rig and take down the exhibition. I am aware that everyone (except if limited by health issues or geography) is expected to participate at least for 3 hours in work like preparations, being a guide or sales guard, down rig etc.
participating in the evaluation survey that will be distributed by e-mail after the exhibition. It is important that everyone does this to ensure the feedback we need to continue getting the necessary financial support to make Pride Art happen.
this is a Pride Art exhibition, which means that the main goal of the event is not to promote artists commercially, but to make queer art more visible as we are a part of the queer, human rights movement Oslo Pride.
respecting the following deadlines: for sending in information about the art I want to exhibit before the 15th of April (if not I am hereby aware that my art will be refused without the participation fee being refunded), delivering my art (or getting a friend to help, as Pride Art cannot help with delivery and transport), taking home wrapping equipment (this cannot be stored on site during the exhibition), picking up art that has not been sold the day of down rig (23rd of June between 14:00 and 18:00). Pride Art cannot store art, and all art that has not been picked up within this time frame will be disposed of. I accept that I will be charged 1000 NOK if my art is not picked up within the above-mentioned time frame.
Pride Art takes 15 % provision of all sales during the exhibition and of deals regarding sale during the exhibition even though payment and delivery happens after the end of the exhibition) and that Pride Art adds a 5 % mandatory tax (kunstskatt) on top of the listed price of art listed at 2000 NOK or more, which is charged to the customer, and paid collectively by Pride Art to the state.
Pride Art and Oslo Pride AS being only a facilitator of contact and sales between the artist and the customer.
that Pride Art stores the above information about me on this webpage and in print for the duration of the exhibition and for practical issues in its aftermath. I confirm that I am hereby informed of my right to see what personal information Pride Art stores about me, to receive a copy of the information, and to have the information erased, according to GDPR and Norwegian legislation. I am aware that I might not still be able to participate in the exhibition if I demand to have my personal details erased.. (personvern og lagring av info)
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