Ines and Sebastian tango weekend

Tango classes and milongas 19-21 April, 2013

It is a great pleasure to welcome Maria Ines Bogado and Sebastian Jimenez from Argentina to Trondheim and to invite you to this event together with us. See for more information about our teachers for this weekend.

Please observe that the level requirements are (only) miminum level requirements. This means that there will be plenty of challenges for everyone (E), but some classes require for example at least intermediate (I) skills.

All classes takes place at Bridgens Hus 3.etg (2nd floor), Brattørveita 10, Trondheim.

Friday April 19.
F1: 19.00-20.30 The concepts from walking to turning in tango salon - Villa Urquiza style (E)
Milonga 21.00-02.00 DJ to be announced

Saturday April 20.
L1: 11.00-12.30 How to work the balance and axis (men and women technique) (E)
L2: 13.00-14.30 The technique for developing movements and sequences for a close embrace (I)
L3: 15.30-17.00 Giro (conservation of axis) (I)
Milonga 21.00-02.00 DJ to be announced

Sunday April 21.
S1: 11.00-12.30 Giros and enrosques technique (E)
S2: 13.00-14.30 Giros and contra-giros with adornments for men and women (I/A)
S3: 15.30-17.00 Vals - circular movements (I)

Registration is binding. Your partner must also sign up within 3 days in order for you to keep your place.

Packages (classes + milongas):
7 classes + 2 milongas = 1400 NOK
5 classes + 2 milongas = 1100 NOK
3 classes + 2 milongas = 750 NOK

Single/double/extra classes:
1 class = 250 NOK
2 classes = 500 NOK

2 milongas (pass) = 250 NOK
1 milonga = 150 NOK

Minimum level requirements explained:

E – Everyone: all levels, at the minimum you can lead/follow what is tought at our 6-12 weeks semester courses for beginners, basic technique (walking, weight changes, ochos), dance experience: 3 months or more

I – Intermediate: you have integrated what is taught at our 6-12 weeks intermediate semester courses, basic technique (see above, also including giros, double-time steps, rebound steps/change of direction, cross/parallel system), dance experience: 1-2 years or often more

I/A – Intermediate/advanced: your basic technique is good (see above, also the preparation and flow of ganchos, boleos and barridas is getting much better), ocho cortado is easy, you have flow in your vals and your milonga is getting much better, dance experience: 2-5 years or often more

A – Advanced: you are a very experienced dancer, your techique and communciation in the embrace is very good, musicality is an integrated part of your dance and much more important to you than steps/figures, you teach or are able to teach at all the levels below, dance experience: 3-7 years or often more

M – Master: you are an exceptionally good dancer, you teach or are able to teach at all the levels below, dance experience: 5-10 years or often more

Practicing basic technique; walking, weight changes and communication in the embrace, is always time well spent.


Sted: Bridgens Hus 3.etg
Startdato: 19.04.2013 19:00
Påmeldingsfrist: 19.04.2013 15:00
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