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In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

Welcome to the donation site for Imamia Trust - Tauheed Mosque, Oslo.

All donations are in Norwegian Kroner - NOK. (Minimum donation NOK 50,-)

1 USD  = 5.75 NOK
1 Euro = 7.44 NOK
1 GBP  = 9.32 NOK

For bank-to-bank transfer, please use following information:

Imamia Trust
Adress: Olaves Hvervens 11, 1266 Oslo, Norway
Bank: DNB, Oslo Norway
A/C for international payments: NO431644 0312 180

We are grateful for your kind donation.
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Contact person for the event:
S. Sajjad H. Kazmi
Tel: +47 22721200

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