2011 Mushroom Picking course

Ever catch yourself jealously eyeing off Sunday walkers leaving the forest with baskets full of fresh mushrooms? Then join us in Østmarka on October 2nd for the first ever AAN mushroom course and forest walk!

We have organised an expert to talk you through the different types of mushrooms and then to join you on a mushroom picking adventure through the forest. You will stop off along the way to put your new knowledge into practice and we have been told that Østmarka will still be abound with mushies at this time of year, especially chanterelle. The afternoon will be rounded off around a camp fire beside Nøklevann where you will enjoy a meal (BYO) together. The program is set from 1100-1500.

Our expert will provide you with written information in both English and Norwegian which you to use as a reference in the future. Lucky for us he is also a translator and is happy to run the course in English.

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Sted: Nøklevann
Startdato: 02.10.2011 11:00
Påmeldingsfrist: 30.09.2011 17:00

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Kontaktperson hos arrangør:
Kalina Sharp-Bergersen
Telefon 45201430