IKYA Aligned Crystal Healing

One year of IKYA Aligned Crystal Healing Level 1

We are excited to welcome you to a brand new — and our most advanced course yet — in healing crystals.

This education of 12 evenings introduces entirely new information from the Gemstone Guardians, never before revealed. The consciousness on the planet is changing faster, and this course teaches you how to work with crystals and gemstones based on the times we live in, our current consciousness and where the planet is heading. By attending this course, you will become part of the healing force representing the purpose of crystals and gemstones for this planet and its lifeforms.

You will enter an advanced level of understanding of these living, healing organisms, and you will gain insights into how to collaborate more deeply with them. If you feel a dedication to crystals and their healing powers, then this course is for you.

The course consists of one 2 1/2 hour evening class per month for a year, where you will study in depth one crystal or gemstone for an entire month at a time. As part of the course, you will receive one IKYA Aligned Gemstone sphere each month. IKYA Aligned Gemstones are professional grade gemstones and crystals restructured and programmed to become a vehicle representing its Mother Crystal on the planet. They work on a higher level because they are channeling the energy, vibration and purpose directly from the source. Their effects are enormously more powerful than what the individual gemstone represents on its own.

If you wish, you may receive additional personal alignment of your gemstone by IKYA, which programs and dedicates your gemstone to your individual spiritual journey. Over time, you will build your own collection of IKYA Aligned Gemstones to enjoy in your own healing process and to assist others in healing, as well.

You will learn how to receive teachings and guidance directly from the Mother Crystals and Guardians and to become a vehicle for healing on many levels of life and consciousness.

Working with crystals and gemstones is exciting and fun. Many people experience that they connect with vibration, energy and spiritual presence in a very concrete way for the first time. When you immerse yourself in one crystal for a whole month, you will experience that both your inner and outer life becomes aligned and imbued by its presence. You thereby have the opportunity to study and explore your life and yourself through the vibrational field the gemstone represents. When you move on to the next gemstone in the course, you will experience a noticeable shift, and your life studies will be filled and colored by this new gemstone. Insight and wisdom will come to you, and your entire life will be a journey of exploration in healing and growth.

Both beginners and advanced lovers of gemstones will benefit from this course. Your dedication to healing and service will expand and open new doors of spiritual mysteries.

Come join us in the amazing world of powerful healing crystals!

DATES -- 18-20:30 each evening

12 February 2020                        11 March                            15 April

13 May                                          10 June                                19 August

16 September                              21 October                         18 November

9 December                                 13 January 2021                 10 February

WHAT YOU GET: 2 1/2 hour course plus your own IKYA Aligned Gemstone sphere each month

                               We will be live streaming each course evening for those who cannot attend in person. We will be recording each course evening for video streaming afterwards for those who cannot attend or live-stream. This video streaming will be available to everyone in the course for review during the month after the course evening.

PRICE: NOK 2.900,- per month with optional personal IKYA Alignment of your gemstones for your personal life journey for an additional NOK 900,- per month

Make a deposit now of NOK 2.900,- to secure a spot in the course for the 12-month commitment for the entire course. Monthly invoicing will then occur from February 2020. Total price for 12 months: NOK 34.800,-

Make a deposit now of NOK 3.800,- to secure a spot in the course for the 12-month commitment and with additional personal IKYA Alignment for your gemstones, aligned for your personal life journey! Monthly invoicing will then occur from February 2020. Total price for 12 months: 45.600,-

PACKAGE PRICES - please make your deposit here and then contact us for direct invoicing of rest of the package price: info@ikya.org

Pay for the entire year in one discounted price, NOK 32.000,-  (save kr 2.800,- versus monthly payment)

Pay for the entire year, plus personally IKYA Aligned Gemstones, NOK 42.000,- (save NOK 3.600,- versus monthly payment)

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