SPE Oslo Christmas Dinner 2019

SPE Oslo 2019 Julebord (Christmas Dinner)

Location: Hotel Continental (Stortingsgata 24/26, 0117 Oslo)

Date and time: 03.12.2019 from kl.1730

Topic: Activities based on appropriate technology in holistic context create the knowledge basis for better practice

Speaker: Hans Christen Rønnevik, Senior G&G advisor in Lundin

Kl.1730: Welcome and ice breaker

Kl.1800: Presentation and Q&A

Kl. 1900 to close: Dinner, drinks and networking


From 2014 Lundin focused the initial organic growth exploration on the Haugaland High, and secured acreage through consecutive concession rounds leading to discovering the significant Edvard Grieg Field in 2007 and the giant Johan Sverdrup Field in 2010. The area had been drilled sporadically by several majors since 1967. It took 40 years for the industry to unfold the potential. The key was to put the diversity of facts from existing wells in a large holistic context. All the reservoir facies were new to the NCS and the oil non biodegraded and under saturated.

Organic growth is continuous action and change. The subsurface reality is unfolded by the drill bit and requires adaption of the models to reality during the operation. The actions are based on technology that are appropriate but never perfect. Mastering is obtained by understanding the limitations and compensate this by calibration to facts and diversities of tools. The successes create the basis for new technology development. There will never by a silver bullet, but always better practice.

The activities on the Haugland High had to cope and compensate for shortcomings in wireline, seismic, migration and sequence stratigraphy.

Speaker Bio

Hans Christen Rønnevik is a highly acknowledged veteran in the industry with a long-lasting career in the industry and public sector. Hans Christen obtained a MSc. Degree in geology from UiB (1971) and was part of the team that from 1972-83 developed the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate into an active unique national petroleum resource management institution. 

From 1984-1999, Mr. Rønnevik implementing a revitalized organic growth strategy for Saga Petroleum that resulted in an average discovery rate of more than 40% and a reserve replacement of 150%. An essential part of the strategy was delegation of decision authority to the VP of Exploration within budget frames agreed with the board. 

Formulated and implemented a cash flow protected organic growth exploration strategy for DNO in 2000 and Lundin Norway in 2004 which resulted in the discovery of more than 3 billion barrels of oil and a success rate of more than 40% from 2003 to 2014. The main breakthrough discoveries are Alvheim in 2003/4, Edvard Grieg in 2007, Johan Sverdrup in 2010, Gohta in 2013 and Alta in 2014.

Mr. Rønnevik developed efficient exploration teams based on diversities, trust and freedom for individuals to pursue their own ideas – within a common purpose since 1984. The basis for organizational development has been the need for continuous fact-based knowledge and continuous better practice.

Mr. Rønnevik is highly merited for his achievements and has received several awards and honors including Honorable Price (NPF 2011). Oilman of the year (SPE 2012), Norman Forster Award for outstanding exploration (AAPG 2015) and lately the Knight of the St. Olaf Order 1. degree (2019).

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