Mastering over emotions by Dr. Dhanalakshmi

Mastering over emotions - Do your emotions control you? 

Adresse er: Dronningensgate 23, 3.etg, ring nede på 312 (Medisinsk Yoga og Mindfulness)

Dato: 16.november, lørdag kl 13.00-15.00

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We all are humans and emotions are important and are meant to be expressed. Our emotions give us power and strength, and the ability to communicate passionately within ourselves and with the external world too. Have you ever been surprised by an emotional reaction you didn't expect? Did it interfere with what you wanted to accomplish? Don't let your emotions control you.
You cannot stop them, but try to understand what's happening with you. Mastering them is very important. It is not about controlling or deleting them, instead “jump into the river of emotions that takes you to the ocean of truth.”
This technique is designed for everyone who wants to learn how to overcome emotions. You can learn to distinguish your emotions finely. Our emotions are shaped by context - learn a powerful way to deal with stress caused by emotions.

Here is what you will be benefited with by the end of the session:

- Reduced worrying

- Reduced stress

- Feeling of mindfulness

- Improved working memory

- Enhanced focus

- Decreased negative emotions

- Able to self observe

- Higher relationship satisfaction

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