This is a concept where you sign up for the whole weekend seminar. In this way you get the opportunity to learn and develop though a series of classes. We present two seminars. One seminar on intermediate level of 3 classes ( a total of 4,5 hours) and one seminar on advanced level of 3 classes (4,5 hours). If you are an advanced dancer you can register for both.
SEMINAR INTERMEDIATE: Embrace and Music Seminar
Adjust the bodies within the couple according to the need in various situations. Smooth and danceable transitions. Adapt and modify your movement according to a musical idea. Changes of dynamic to create contrast and give texture to your dance.Upgrade your dance by refining the dialogue within the couple using pauses and adornments. Create space for styling and musicality.
SEMINAR ADVANCED: Improvisation Seminar
Possibilities using the pivot. Micro-pivot, pivot and over pivot. Crosses for both roles. Get to lead and follow them. The mix. Create the improvisation “step by step”, including proposals from the follower.

Friday, November 1st (Jekteviken)
- 1730-1900: Intermediate serminar - Adapting the embrace (1/3) 
- 1915-2045: Advanced seminar - Exploring pivots (1/3)
Saturday, November 2nd (Jekteviken)
- 1200-1330: Intermediate seminar - In tune with the music (2/3)
- 1400-1530: Advanced seminar - Exploring crosses (2/3)
Sunday, November 3rd (Jekteviken)
1200-1330: Intermediate seminar - Pauses & embellishments (3/3)
- 1400-1530: Advanced seminar - Play with improvisation, challenge rules and roles(3/3)

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