IKYA Silent Retreat

The True Explorer

Awakening has been calling for you since the dawn of existence. You are embarking on the true path for the first time. In this lifetime, you are taking real steps. Walking your true spiritual path means letting go of everything you hold on to. Your history, beliefs, collective expressions; everything of the identity created by confirmation and collective awareness has to be left behind. There is no turning back. You can sense it in everything you are. Being the true YOU is the only way forward. 

Waking up is joyous as well as challenging. Slowly you are becoming aware of your dialogue with Life. Slowly you understand that it is all up to you, and that it always was. All has already been given. You are becoming the True Explorer, navigating through universes to reach the ultimate realization.

During this silent retreat you will study what it means to wake up to your true path. You will engage in the dialogue with Life in its many forms. IKYA will guide you through a process of realization, exploration and adventure. His teachings on Friday will allow for you to connect and open up. The meditation will be loving, and you will feel the embrace of Life, nurturing your awakening.

This retreat will leave you feeling blessed and loved, and also in a state of clarity and dedication to your own true path.


IKYA Silent Retreat is held at our center on Skøyen west in Oslo. We have been holding retreats here for years and find it an interesting combination to be in silence in the middle of the city. Here we explore together what it means to be present and meditative in the middle of a busy and alive world.

We sit on chairs for the most of the time, so please bring what you need for sitting comfortably for the hours of each day's session.

If you have any questions about this event, please feel free to contact us.
The food we serve is vegan and gluten and milk-free.



Friday 17. January 2020

18:00 - Lecture by IKYA

20:00 - We go into silence

22:00 - We continue silence at home

Saturday 18. January 2020

10:00 - Doors open

13:00 - Serving lunch - salad

18:00 - Serving dinner - soup

22:00 - We continue silence at home

Sunday 19. January 2020

10:00 - Doors open

13:00 - Serving lunch - salad

17:00 - Lecture by IKYA

The registration deadline has passed or the event is fully booked