Yoga & Chakra - workshop by Nadia Altysheva, Certified Traditional Hatha and Tantra yoga teacher 

Address is: Dronningensgate 23, 3.etg, call at 312 (Medisinsk Yoga og Mindfulness)

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Workshop kan passe for både for deg som er nybegynner i yoga og også for deg som har lenger erfaring med yoga, men ønsker mer fordypning i menneskets energi system, også kan være interressant for andre yogalærere.
Workshop holdes på lettfattelig engelsk og er kombinasjon av litt teori og praktiske verktøy. Ingen forkunnskap er nødvendig. 

Du kan bli med på kun første workshop eller 1 eller flere av de følgende i valgfritt rekkefølge. 

  • 25.05 Chakra inspired Yoga class (75min) + lecture (105 min).

  • 1.06 The Root chakra workshop : Yoga class (90min) + lecture (90min)
  • 8.06. The Sacral chakra workshop: Yoga class (90 min) + lecture (90min)
  • 15.06 The Solar plexus chakra workshop: Yoga class (90 min) + lecture (90 min)
  • 22.06 The Heart chakra workshop: Yoga class (90 min) + lecture (90 min) 
  • 29.06 The Throat chakra workshop: Yoga class (90 min) + lecture (90min) 
  • 06.07 The Third eye chakra and the crown chakra workshop: Yoga class (90 min) + lecture (90min) 


Nadia teaches Classical Hatha yoga with focus on chakras and energy body with holding asanas from 2 min and longer to go beyond physical body, muscles and ligaments. Accessing mental, emotional level, reliving nervous system, building up energy in every chakra. Every asana is a tool to connect to the universal energies of Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Either, Cosmic energy.. The practice may become deeply spiritual.  

25.05 Chakra inspired Yoga class (75min) + lecture (105 min)
Energetic imbalance is the reason of mental and physical imbalance. This workshop will offer you a better understanding of Yoga and its connection to chakras. It will enable you to deepen your yoga practice. Practical guidance will be given in order to work with the subtle body in a safe and harmonious way. You will learn:

-what chakra and its traditional system is.
-what our chakras do and their qualities.
-how do chakras influence the physical body our emotions.
-shortly about main aspects of 7 main chakras.

Following workshops: Yoga class (90min) + lecture (90min) 

1.06 The Root chakra workshop 
The root chakra is known as base chakra or Muladhara, first of seven, and is related to instinct, security, survival and also the basic human potential. When the root is out of balance we manifest fear, an inability to trust life, illness. The activation of the root chakra gives health, prosperity and deep sense of connection to the Earth. We will have a very grounding. nourishing Muladhara Yoga class. During the lecture I will explain in details physical, emotional aspects of the chakra, how we are influenced by them and how to control them. I will show few main yoga postures to work on the first chakra, which you may practice safely by yourself. 

8.06. The Sacral chakra workshop
The sacral chakra is known as sexual chakra or Svadhisthana, second of seven, and is related to emotions. sexuality, creativity, pleasure. When the chakra is in harmony we have more healthy relationships, approach to sexuality, refine taste, creativity. When out of balance or weak it can manifest as uncontrolled emotions, drama, lack of boundaries, fear of death, may develop physical problems with the reproductive system. We will have a very nourishing Svadhisthana Yoga class. During the lecture I will explain in details physical, emotional aspects of the chakra . I will show few main yoga postures to work on the second chakra which you may practice safely by yourself. Activation of Svadhisthana is essential in order to move the energy upwards in the higher chakras for the personal development. 

15.06 The Solar plexus chakra workshop
The solar plexus is known as the navel chakra or Manipura, the third of 7, and is related to ego, will power, effort, confidence. Physically The solar plexus governs digestion, spiritually -growth and transformation as the key element is fire. When unactive or out of balance , it manifests in passivity, insensitivity, laziness, weakness. Over-active Manipura people may be domineering and at times aggressive. We will have a very fiery power class, mainly standing asanas activating the third chakra. During the lecture i will explain in details the main qualities of Manipura and asanas to support the practice.

22.06 The Heart chakra workshop
Anahata, the fourth of seven, is related to thymus gland located in the chest and responsible for the immune and endocrine system. It’s the centre of intuitive mind and the most important emotions. Once they are mastered and under control the person expresses unconditional love, compassion, contentment, dignity, lightness and well-being. Intension, conscience, generosity, dedication, trust, empathy are the aspects of the 4th chakra. Weak Heart chakra may express as emotional dependancy, criticism, ungratefulness, lack of
empathy .. On a physical level energetical imbalance may cause heart and lung diseases, astma, skin problems.

29.06 The Throat chakra workshop
Vishudha, the fifth of seven, means “Pure”. When harmoniously activated relates to communication and expression of higher truths, intuition, helps to achieve the qualities of a leader, charisma, charm. When not active and weak is revealed as shyness, fear to speak up and fear of one’s own opinion. On a physical level sore throat, pain in neck and shoulders.

06.07 The Third Eye chakra and The Crown chakra workshop
Ajna chakra, the sixth of seven , the command centre, self cognition, wisdom, imagination. The energy of Ajna allows us to access our inner guidance that comes from the depths of our being. To cut through illusion and to access deeper truths - to see beyond the mind, beyond the words. It is linked to the pineal gland which produces the hormone melatonin which regulates sleep and waking up. The unbalanced sixth chakra can appear as either too conceptual, analytical and rigid mind, or too mentally feeble and fluid. In this case decision-making can be extremely long, complicated, as well as fear of making the wrong judgement. Any eye problem or ear problem may be psychosomatically related to the third eye. Headaches, brain disorders can be deeply connected to Third eye chakra imbalance.
Sahasrara or Crown chakra is known as the “Thousand petal” lotus, and involves such issues as deep inner wisdom, connection with the infinite source of life, oneness with the universe. Most people never achieve this state, but may experience the glimpses of awakening. The psychological and spiritual symptoms of a blocked or weak Crown chakra can be a difficulty in mediation, resistance to silence and to spirituality in general. Since the Crown Chakra is the least physical amongst the Chakra system, it is less associated with actual physical systems. However, physically speaking it is definitely related to the pineal gland, as well as to the upper part of the skull and the gap between the two halves of the brain. Sleeping disorders (such as insomnia), hypersensitivity, disorientation, disconnection, and a highly ungrounded feeling that one lacks defined boundaries are definite symptoms of overall imbalance in the lower chakras and as a result in the Crown.

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