Hjernens utvikling hos barn 0-3 år

Nevrologisk undersøkelse av barn 0-3 år med fokus på primitive reflekser


Hva er annerledes med hjernen hos barn med forsinket utvikling?

Hvordan og hvorfor undersøke primitive reflekser hos barn?

Hva kan det føre til om primitive reflekser ikke integreres?

Hva kan du gjøre som kiropraktor når du finner vedvarende primitive reflekser hos barn under 3 år?


En kurs serie i 2 deler

1 del: 11.-12. januar 2019 (fredag kl 12.00-18.00 og lørdag kl 09.00-1600)

2 del: 29.-30. mars 2019 (fredag kl 12.00-18.00 og lørdag kl 09.00-16.00)


Max 30 deltagere.

Pris for en helg: 3900 kr, medlemmer i NFBK 3200 kr

Pris for begge helgene: 6900 kr, medlemmer i NFBK  5900 kr (booket samtidig)

Påmelding er bindende. 

Informasjon om kurset:
In parts 1 and 2 the clinically relevant aspects of brain development and how it correlates with the emergence and integration of each of the primitive reflexes will be explored. The material is relevant to a broad spectrum of paediatric patients; from babies with feeding and gastrointestinal dysfunction, children with postural and coordination problems, to children with learning disorders. Delayed development is common, affecting 10% of children born in the last decade. In addition to teaching you the clinical skills needed to treat these conditions, we will provide you with the understanding and the ‘language’ that will enable you to effectively communicate with parents.

The key learning objectives are:
• What is different about the brains of children with developmental disorders.
• How to assess this from baby-age onward so that you can identify problems early.
• Ways to promote brain development with manual therapies, neuro-rehabilitative exercises, hemispheric integration and nutritional advice.

No prior knowledge of functional neurology is necessary; this is not a technique class. Some functional neurology will be introduced to provide more ways to test and localize neurological dysfunction in babies and children. This will give you greater insight into where or how to treat with your favoured techniques and will offer you additional functional neurological treatment options for each part of the brain.

The focus will be on clinical applications and providing you with the tools to use the material presented in clinical practice. Numerous practical sessions throughout the day will help consolidate these clinical skills. Course notes are extensive and structured, so that everything taught is easy for you to look up and review.

The neuro-developmental material is the main focus of these seminars, but other factors that are important to a successful therapeutic outcome will be interspersed throughout the weekends. This will include practical aspects of the child-parent-doctor encounter, e.g.:
• History taking pertinent to child development
• Nutritional and metabolic considerations
• Ways to gain good/ better cooperation with the parents.

Om foredragsholderen:

Darren Barnes-Heath, DC, BSc(Hons), MRCC (Neurology)
Darren has over 20 years of clinical experience, during which he has been studying and applying functional neurology in his practice. His post-graduate learning has been mainly through the Carrick Institute and the Institute of Functional Medicine. He has focused on developmental neurology through Robert Melillo and Robin Pauc’s seminars and books. Additionally, he has learnt from behavioural optometrists, educational psychologists, occupational therapists and audiologists to further understand how children learn and how to assess and improve their motor, visual, auditory and cognitive abilities.

For the last five years Darren has taught Neuroseminars to Chiropractors, Osteopaths and Physiotherapists throughout Europe to integrate functional neurology into their daily practice. The aim of Neuroseminars is to make neurology as simple and relevant to clinical practice as possible. Frequent practical sessions help you to develop the clinical assessment, treatment and rehab tools. They also teach you the mind-set of choosing an appropriate intervention based on your findings, and subsequently post-testing to measure its effectiveness. It will be the same format for the Developing Brains Seminars.

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