Dr. Heiner Frei, Polaritetsanalyse, Polarity Analysis, Oslo, Norway 2019

Do you feel frustrated in finding the "precise" deep simillimum for EVERY case? Are you interested in learning about a reliable and predictable method of finding a good prescription that resolve patient's mental AND physical complaints? In Boenninghausen's case books, it was found that he cured more than 600 cases og epilepsy. This was accomplished with a palette of only 135 homeopathic medicines.

Dr. Frei and his team are well known for their quality study of children with ADHD/ADD, showing significant positive outcome when they received individualized homeopathic treatment. During the course of the study, the team wanted to find and utilize the most reliable method for choosing an effective remedy for each child. It was during this process the Polarity Analysis method was developed.

Homeopaths today need a method that is accurate, as well as fast and easy to learn and apply in practice. The Polarity Analysis method is based on Boenninghausen’s very successful method, and has also been shown to yield an 80% success rate with chronic complex disease in a pilot study.

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