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Ulfhednar Winter Bolt is held the 16th of February 2019 in Sørum and Haga, close to Oslo Airport Gardermoen, Norway. 13 varied stages, more than 120 rounds and hopefully in rough winter conditions. This competition will measure many of your basic shooting skills, the precision and the long range capabillities of you and your equipment in Norwegian winter. The competition feature PRS, milling contest, sling-only stage, precision test, speed shooting, paper targets and steel targets, from 90 - 570 meters.

Together with our sponsors we have assembled a very nice table of prizes!! Prizes and awards will be presented during the complimatary banquet held Saturday night at Clarion Hotel Congress Oslo Airport. 

Ulfhednar Winter Bolt is a bolt rifle contest only! Maximum calibre is .30 up to 950 m/s (magnum is not allowed). We are using the rules of PRS Norway. Read more here: http://prsnorge.no/regler/

Be aware that the contestants will need a car for transportation around the course. We will during the Match Brief try to arrange a lift for travellers without transportation of their own.

For shooters with rifles weighing in under 5 kg and scope magnification less that 12x we recomend to sign in the "Hunter" class. The rest use "Shooter" class.  Both classes compete for the same prizes but we will give some extra attention to the best Hunter.


Since most activities will be, or have a starting point, at Clarion Hotel & Congress Oslo Airport we recomend all travellers to arrange accomodation here. We have negotiated a very good discount price, only 705 NOK per night (805 NOK for doubleroom) incl breakfast. Book your stay HERE! Discount-/Booking code: UWB

Feel like shooting some more?  The "OALH Sunday Match" held in Sørum (same range) Sunday 17th of February. This is a steel only 6 stage mini PRS-match, aprox 60 rounds. Learn more: https://www.deltager.no/participant/arrangement.aspx?id=252622

Important notice: This is a binding registration and no refund is possible if you have to withdraw from the competition. But we do appreciate a early notice if you know you're space will be unused. We can then offer it to someone on our waiting list. Selling a registrated space will not be accepted!

Velcome to Sørum, Haga and Gardermoen!

Team Ulfhednar 

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