Tango weekend with Alper and Selen in Bergen 28- 30 th of september 2018

Selen Sürek & Alper Ergökmen, a couple from Turkey, are teaching and performing argentine tango together since 2006. After winning the World Championship in 2008, which held in Turkey, they started to visit different countries to share their experience and knowledge about argentine tango. Since then they visited Canada, Belguim, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Finland, Russia, Ukraine, Lebanon and Romania. Their teaching methodology based on giving the information in a lively and interactive manner so that everyone can enjoy the time that they spend during thier classes. They have large variety of workshops that can focus not only on technique but also on sequences to be able to reach the needs of the society. They like both ends of performing, meaning coreography and improvisation, staying close to the Salon style. They own a school in Ankara  also teach reagular classes in Istanbul.

They will be in Bergen from the 25 september to the 2nd of october holding seminars, private lessons and will also be performing a show.  —- 

Program and details are here below—–

Friday 28 th of September 

19.30- 21.00 How to do boleos (all levels)  

21.00-01.00 Milonga with show "Alper and Selen"  around 23.00 


Saturday 29. Th of September :  

12.00- 13.30 Connection 1 ( connection with the floor and yourself )  ( all levels ) 

13.45- 15.15 Dynamic movements for dance floor  (intermediate ) 

15.30- 17.00 Milonga (musical pattern and sequences)  

 Sunday 30 th of September :  

12.00- 13.30 Connection 2 ( connection with your partner and with space ) ( all leves)   

13.45. 15.15 Fundamental 4: Changing the attitude of movement (Circular to Linear/Linear to Circular) ( all leves )   

15.30- 17.00 Vals: Musical hints to dance vals better (Intermediate-Advance ) 

19.00-22.00 Milonga in JV 

Registration only in couples. And the price for 1 lesson per couple is 500 kr.  If you don't have partner and you would like to join the classes, take contact with us, we may find you a partner.  467 90 951 

PRIVATE LESSONS: Alper and Selen will be in Bergen from May 25 th of september until th of october. During this period, there will be possibilities for private lessons. Booking of private lessons will start in the beginning of september.

Beklager, påmeldingsfristen er utløpt. Ta kontakt med arrangøren for mer informasjon