DNB Digital Challenge 2018

"Banks and other financial institutions are challenged on every part of their business.  Therefore, we will have to look for new markets and new business models.

We challenge you and your team to come up with a new solution that will strengthen DNB's services towards its customers. The customers can be anything and anyone from everyday users and other companies, to DNB's own internal functions and services.

The solution should be a working prototype with some functioning code, and can possibly be supplemented by screenshots." 

Do you want to shape the future? The digital bank revolution ravages with full force, and the banks are working intensively to uncover new ideas and models that will take us into the future. Now we want you to join the team! Deadline for applications is 16th February at midnight. 

About the hackathon:

During the weekend  March 2nd to 4th, we invite students in Oslo, Trondheim, London, Bergen and Stockholm to find, develop and present their solution suitable for the future bank. The hackathon is called DNB Digital Challenge, and will be held simultaneously in each city from Friday 2:00 pm until the semifinal 6:00 pm Sunday. 

There will be employees from DNB available during the entire weeked. They will operate as mentors and provide you and your team with a helping hand, as well as challenging you to think about new perspectives and possible solutions. We believe that by combining our collective mind, we’ll come up with great ideas that’s both technically solid, as well as innovative. We will offer free food and drinks, too!

The winning team in each city, will be flown to DNB's headquarter in Bjørvika, Oslo, for the grand final on the March 22nd. The five teams will present one final time infront of the grand jury, consisting of key-personel from DNB's management. We promise you an exciting and eventful weekend.

Who can participate?

Students of all fields are welcome to apply. Technical skills such as experience with programming are preferable. However, although we want “techie” ideas, not all team members need to know how to code, as long as at least one person does. Interdisciplinary teams with complimentary backgrounds and skill sets often come up with the most creative ideas!

What can you win?

The winners of DNB Digital Challenge 2018 will get NOK 50.000 to share, as well as a place at the highly sought-after Summer Internship in DNB, running from June to August 2018. 2nd place will receive NOK 25.000, and 3rd NOK 10.000. 

How do we select a worthy winner?

DNB Digital Challenge 2018 is a hackathon valuing technical skills. The jury will judge each submission on the following criteria:

         - Value for the customer;

         - Commercialization potential;

         - Technical execution;

         - Team spirit, and;

         - The total impression.

It’s therefore expected that each group will present and produce the following:

         - Highlevel diagram showcasing the underlying IT architecture;

         - Clear and precise value proposition for both the customers and DNB, and;

         - Some code to work as a functioning prototype of your concept.

Please note that we work alongside our international colleagues from all around the world. Therefore, it's expected that you and your group can present your prototype and presentation in English during the final. The local semifinals may be conducted in your preferred language - more information to follow. 

How to apply?

Apply in the registration form below. To apply you need to either form a group consisting of 2 - 4 persons, or you may apply individually . If you do choose to apply individually, you will be put in a group with a fitting profile. The spots are limited, so please be quick! As the spots are limited, we may be required to do some basic screening to ensure that we get the right mix of profiles.

Important information:

DNB is working continuously with innovation and development of new products and services. Some times these internal initiatives will coincide with concepts that are presented the bank in other contexts. By attending DNB Digital Challenge the participants have acknowledged that such overlaps may arise, and that this does not hinder DNB from further developing internal initiatives. DNB will not further develop or commercialize a concept presented in the final without discussing this further with the participant(s) first. The participant(s) have acknowledged that DNB, and other participants in the competition, does not have any confidentiality for ideas that are presented during semifinals/finals.

The registration deadline has passed or the event is fully booked