International technical seminar and instructors course

We are happy to invite the Norwegian, Scandinavian and European Taekwon-Do community to this event in the Vesteraalen islands of Northern Norway.

Senior Grandmaster Chol, Kim Ung, IX (9th) Dan, will be conducting an International technichal seminar and instructors course in Sortland, Vesteraalen on the 24th - 26th of november. The event will be open to Gup and Dan but the IIC certification can only be achived by participants 4th degree and above.

Dan testing in conjunction with the course is available but must be approved by the individual candidate's instructor/master and his/her national governing body in due time following all applicable rules and regulations. For testing to 4th degree and above, please be adviced that you are required to seek approvement from the ITF through your national governing body.

For further information please refer to:

Beklager, påmeldingsfristen er utløpt. Ta kontakt med arrangøren for mer informasjon