IRIS / SCIS 2017 is organized by Østfold University College.

The conference takes place August 6-9, 2017, in Halden at the historic Fredriksten Hotell.

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Early bird registration is open until 26 June.
Late registration is open until 14 July.

Conference and accomodation fees:

The conference fee (Early bird 3040 NOK/approx 320 EURO, late registration 3800 NOK/approx 400 EURO) covers meals and beverages.

In addition there is an accomodation fee with three different options:

- Single room: 3600 NOK / approx. 380 EURO per person 

- Double room with two single beds: 1935 NOK /approx. 205 EURO per person 

   Please fill in the name of the person you will share a room with, in the registration form.

- Group room: 1200 NOK / approx. 125 EURO per person.

Please note that the accomodation fee is fixed regardless of the number of nights you are staying.

The online payment-system accepts Visa and Mastercards. Please contact the organizers if you don´t have any of these cards at your disposal.

About group rooms:

The rooms will be shared with  up to 5 people. Group rooms consist of two bedrooms, a small lounge and a bathroom.

Group rooms are a cheap accommodation option if you would like to share rooms with people of the same sex.

If you have specific wishes as to who you want to share a room with, please state this in the registration form.


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- Arrival and transportation to the hotel

- Program


Registration form