Trondheim tangoklubb og Nicolas Bottega

Workshop 1: “The range of the foot”
- part 1 @ 12:00, part 2 @ 14:00 - Saturday -

The range of the foot, to my understanding, is the surface on which the axis can "rest its base". How we work on the base leg is the core of every movement we perform in tango dancing.
On the first lesson, we are going to work on that conceptually, to understand what it can offers to our movement. On the second lesson, we are going to explore the effect that this knowledge has on different “steps”.
For those interested in exploring a bit more on what I think on the subject, please visit my website where I posted an essay that I wrote about this.

Workshop 2: Sensuality, technique and musicality.
- part 1 @ 12:00, part 2 @ 14:00 -  Sunday -

To have a sensual encounter with somebody is to open channels of communication that are most of the time closed. In tango embrace, sharing what you feel and what you want to express is for me, the most important thing. The notion of sensuality may help keeping that sharing alive at all moments, even through the most complicated movements. On the first class we are going to explore sensuality as a tool for technical development, and try it over different movements.On the second class, we are going to use it as a channel for musical expression, crossing sensuality with things like passion and tenderness, and explore how it affects our dance.

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