IKYA Seminar - Getting What You Truly Want: How to Master the Laws of Manifestation

Join us for this life changing seminar and LIVE webinar, on the secrets to a life in abundance and happiness. 

You are the only creator in your life. You are expressing your consciousness and spiritual evolution every second, twentyfour hours a day. It never stops. However, most people experience life as something that happens to them. They don't understand that they are the source, and that everything, down to the last detail, is a reflection of themselves.

If you aren't happy with what you manufacture in life, then you need to make changes to your ingredients and production process. It is futile to stand in the warehouse of your own sausage factory and say you hate sausages and that you don't understand where they all are coming from. You need to take full responsibility, learn about your own factory and change what you make. It is that simple.  - IKYA

This seminar will unveil the true secrets of manifestation. Your misunderstandings and beliefs will be shattered, giving rise to new insights. You will be able to see your life and your possibilities clearly and understand how to take charge and achieve the results you want. If you feel that you are blocking your own potentials, letting old patterns and karma be in charge of manifestation, this seminar could be the turning point you've been waiting for. By applying the principles you learn, your life will be transformed. You chose this life. Make it count!

Prepare yourself for the seminar by meditating and writing down your questions about manifestation, co-creation, abundance and goalsetting. Your own questions are most likely relevant for others, too. The seminar will be in the form of a dialogue between the attendees and IKYA. As always: prepare, be active and have fun!

LIVE Webinar:

You can also join the seminar online. Please purchase your ticket for LIVE Webinar, you will receive an email with information shortly after. 


Saturday and Sunday May 6-7 2017


You will receive an email with the program before the seminar. 


Media Center, Holmenkollveien 140, 0791 Oslo.


You will find parking close to the Media Center. Just before the Ski jump you will see an area whereparking is available.

Public Transportation:

The media center is located very close to the subway with direct connection to Holmenkollen arena.Timetable and route information for public transport in Oslo can be found at www.ruter.no

Subway line 1 “Frognerseteren” will take you to Holmenkollen from all downtown stations, includingthe station “Jernbanetorget”. The media center is located a 10 minute walk from Holmenkollen station.

Direction from the subway platform Frognerseteren to the media center. (map copied from ruter.no)


Lunch included: Vegan salad with quinoa and wholemeal bread

Tea included: Tea will be served before the program starts in the morning, during lunch Saturday and Sunday, and from 17:00 on Saturday.

Correction. The price for the seminar includes one meal per day. Not two as stated in the flyer. We apologize for the mix up!

Bring with you:

Bring with you:- Pen and paper (IKYA notebooks are available for purchase at the seminar)

- Comfortable clothes. 

- Food if you need an exstra meal

The registration deadline has passed or the event is fully booked