Open Water Horten-Moss 2017

Open water Horten - Moss 2017

Distance: 10km (olympic distance)

When: 8th of july at 0700

Where: Horten harbour, Fyllinga.

Racebrief to be announced. start will be based upon tidewater tables and weather forecast




1. Entering the race

By paying the entry fee and starting the race each athlete accept and agree to follow the race rules.

Mandatory race briefing at 0800hrs or TBA (Weather, wind, waves and tidewater)

2. Open water race course.

The race course will be clearly marked with boat, beach flag and bouys.

  • The athletes must follow the marked course. 
  • The athletes will have the option to bring one (1) support kayak during the crossing.
  • If athletes don’t follow the course they will be disqualified.
  • Cut off 2H15min after start with Jeløy


  • There will be one aidstation outside Jeloy. This is half way to Moss.
  • Cut off jeloy is 2hrs and 15 min (5500meters).
  • You can have your own special need bag placed at our aidstation boat.
  • We will have medical staff on the boat following the athletes.

3. Entry conditions.

  • You need to be at least 18 years old to enter Horten-Moss
  • You need to be in a good physical condition to enter the openwater swim
  • Men’s, women’s class.

The race organization reserve the rights to cancel the race 2 hrs before the start due to bad weather/wind or any other force majeur that may occur.  No refund. Possible race day to be postponed by one day. Sunday 10th july.

4. Race equipment.

  • All open water athletes need to bring all their equipment from start to finish
  • Before the race start the organization will carry out a mandatory gear check
  • Equipment not allowed like flotation devices/help, zoomers and paddels
  • Wetsuits suitable for water temperature of about 10-14 degrees celsius
  • One marine whistle

The organization will supply:

  • Swimcaps that must be worn during the crossing
  • Carrying one bag from start to the finish line in Moss
  • Aidstation with gel, water, redbull, bars etc.
  • Finish line with food and drinks.
  • Finisher t-shirt open water - horten-moss

5. Timing

The race will be timed from the race start to moss harbour with Racetracker

6. General information

  • The athletes shall read and understand the openwater rules.
  • The athletes needs to respect other athletes, spectators, the organization and local inhabitants.
  • All athletes needs to show fairplay and are not allowed to use unfair methods to finish the race.
  • Any kind of doping is forbidden, we follow WADA regulations and NIF rules.
  • In case of emergency athletes are obliged to help if asked by the organization. During xterra open water all athletes participate at their own risk
  • If an athlethe abandon the race he/she shall report this as soon as possible to one of the race organisation boat or kayaks.

7. Safety

The race organization reserve the right to refuse any athlete to continue if they are evaluated as incapable of continuing because  self fatigue. Please make sure you can reach the cutoff at Jeloy at 2hrs 15 min. There will be safety boats along the crossing.

The race organization works with the Horten VTS central, who is responsible for all trafic and radio communication with other vessels. They will be able to reroute inbound or outbond vessels. Any athlete support boat must not interfere with the swimmers unless told so by the race organization.

8. Race jury :

The race jury is the race director and two other persons from the race organization.

The tasks of the race jury are:

  • All decisions regarding disqualifications.
  • Handle protests.
  • Make sure the race rules are enforced.
  • Decisions about course changes. At least two members of the jury is needed to be able to take a race jury decision.
  • The race jury has the right to use “common sense” to take a decision about arisen situation if it is not clear in the rules
  • Any decision of the race jury is definitive. Protests
  • If an athlete would like to protest, that must hand in a written protest to the race organisation within an hour after finishing the race.

All protest must include:

• number and members signature

• the reason of the protest

• if the protest includes another athlete, then their number needs to be included.

If a protest does not fulfill the criteria of the above points it is being ignored.

Any jury decisions will be communicated to the involved parts as soon as it has been made. Disqualifications.

If an athlete fail to follow the  swim rules they will be disqualified external assistance.

During the Horten – Moss swim it is not allowed to receive assistance from other people than the race organization, or your registered support kayak.

9. Media and sponsor exposure sponsor markings

  • The swimmers are allowed to have sponsors logos on their race gear. Pictures and film free rights.
  • The participants in xterra Horten-Moss gives the race organisation the right to use pictures and film material taken during the race free of rights in marketing online and offline, press material, internet, television and movies.

10. Waiver

Through a mandatory, personal signature on the “waiver” the athlete accepts the conditions of participation (conditions of participation are the ones that athlete already accepted upon the online registration). The organization will hand athletes the form which must be signed upon the pick-up of the race quip Saturday morning.

11. Licence and insurance

Open water 2017 requires that you have a license with accident insurance covering your participation. For those who are not active swimmers or thriatletes and thus do not have a license, it is automatically taken out insurance for individual event at registration, which covers "Open water Horten MOSS." insurance costs nok 50.- extra registration fee. 

Insurance is mandatory.

Accepting the xterra open water rules by paying the entry fee and starting the race each athlete accept and agree to follow the race rules.

Fee: 1090,- NOK 

No refund!

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