Sustainable Growth Summit 2016

Climate change and seafood production on a global scale

The recently adopted UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) are highly relevant for the seafood industry as it tend to suggest that large changes are bound to impact the oceans. We foresee that these changes will open up a number of interesting opportunities where the Norwegian seafood industry can take a new and potentially leading role.

Overfishing is presently one of several factors that can drive marine ecosystems towards collapse. Exploring how climate change will add stress or even ameliorate the effects of other stressors is an issue of growing interest. This is a field where new insight is required if sustainable solutions are to be provided. 

During the Sustainable Growth Summit, which will take place 27-28 October in Bergen, seafood industry leaders together with representatives from the science community and policymakers will share updated knowledge and develop a plan of action that can allow for a new course in how we best can secure global food security with solutions to cope with climate change.


Key topics:

  • Significance of fisheries and aquaculture as a solution to food security and climate adaptations

  • Global vulnerability of food systems to climate change and impacts on society

  • Understanding, reducing and coping with vulnerability of ocean systems to better understand and tackle the threats of fisheries and aquaculture face

  • Building the capacity to adapt and respond/ resilience in ocean systems to optimize the use of aquatic

  • Adapting innovations-new technologies to fully exploit possibilities and improve aquaculture’s contribution in achieving the goals of UNFCCC-actions towards a low-carbon society

  • A Young Leadership session/panel discussion, with recommendations to be taken for the seafood sector to set a new course in the global climate efforts

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