Nicolas Bottega

Part 1: The inclination of the axis in linear movements
We'll ve working on the importance of the leaning of our axis as an extra variable for understanding how we move, especially in the walk. From my perspective, the body can lean forwards generating an imbalance that can be used to make the walk more efficient. In this way, the axis can lean more when it needs to take longer steps, and unlean when in need to brake. We'll be doing exercises of awareness of the leaning of our axis and about the communication of that leadning.

Part 2: The inclination of the axis in circular movements
Continuing with the idea of using the leaning of our axis to facilitate movement, we are going to investigate the possibility of leaning our axes to the sides, to try it's effect in circular movements. As I think, some movements may benefit from this type of leaning. In the same way that occurs in linear movement, in the circular movement a combined imbalance both forward and sideways may be giving us some new alternatives. We'll be exploring this possibility working with giros, and with 180 degrees changes in the direction in the walk.

Part 3: Milonga and the axis
Using the tools from the previous classes, we'll be putting them in practice in a playful way by dancing milonga. We'll be seeing how the leaning helps the technique, and also to the expression of the joyful essence of the milonga. The most important thing will be to have fun!
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