Tango weekend with Maria Plazaola

Trondheim 18-22 September

We are happy to welcome you to a fantastic weekend with Maria Plazaola!

Friday 19th of September:

F1: Women technique

Place: Bridgehuset. Time: 1900-2030
Level: Basic, intermediate and advanced

Content: Work in-depth on balance and use of the free leg. One of the goals is to learn wise use of space in our footwork and to use the music as the source for each movement, and as a support for maintaining balance. It is designed for a milonguero embrace in which the relation with the leader and the music is given precedence. The class is aimed at increasing the followers elegance and sensuality.

Welcome Milonga

Place: Bridgehuset. Time: 2100 - ca0100

Saturday 20th of September

SA1: Fundamentals for milonguero style1.

Place: Bridgehuset. Time: 1000- 1130
Level: Basic, intermediate and advanced

ContentWe will work on fundamentals for close embrace. Technique for a dance with balance and musicality within a small space. Simple, nice dynamic and repertoire for social dance. A class recommended for all levels! Sundays class SU2 will work further with these topics.

SA2: The links that make the difference

Place: Bridgehuset. Time: 1200-1330
Level: Intermediate

ContentThe secrets on how to evolve from intermediate dance to mature dance. Tips and tricks on the connectors to develop a mature dance. We work with flow.

Lunch break

Time: 1330-1430
There will not be served lunch, but there are possibilities to buy food close by, or bring your own.  

SA3: Dynamics

Place: Bridgehuset. Time: 1430-1600
Level: Advanced

Content: Sequences that include sacada, boleo and turns. We will work with the connection between these elements to look closer at dynamics and different solutions. Turns and counterturns. 

Dinner in Palmehaven

Place: Britannia hotel. Time: 1800-2000
In the main dining parlour of Trondheim since 1918, we will enjoy a 3 course menu. The lush Moorish garden under the magnificent glass roof gives the room a special atmosphere. This is also a nice opportunity to bring a partner, friend or family that are curious to see what the tango-scene is all about. 

Grand milonga in Speilsalen

Place:Britannia hotel. Time: 2000-0200. 
DJ Lorenzo
One of Trondheim most breathtaking venues, built in 1897 in baroque style. With a fantastic dance floor.

Sunday 21st of September

SU1: Freedom

Place: Bridgehuset. Time: 1200-1330
Level: Advanced

Content:  The universe of “the talking with our feet”. We will work with feet conversations, an excuse to improve our balance and control. The transference of weight and axis in close embrace. Freedom

Lunch break

Time: 1330- 1430

SU2: Fundamentals for milonguero style2.

Place: Bridgehuset. Time: 1430-1600
Level: Basic, intermediate and advanced

Content: We work deeper with materials from Saturdays class SA1; fundamentals for close embrace. Technique for a dance with balance and musicality within a small space. Simple and nice dynamic and repertoire for social dance. A class recommended for all levels! 

SU3: Milonga

Place: Bridgehuset. Time: 1630-1800
Level: Intermediate 

Content: How to dance simple and nice "cool" milonga. How to enter and get out of the traspié. How to turn and navigate the dance floor with fast and slow milonga.

Looking for a partner? send us an email; kurs@trondheimtango.no

About Maria Plazaola:

Maria started to dance with Gloria and Rodolfo Dinzel in 1993. She later taught at the Universidad del Tango de Buenos Aires and since March 2001 she has shared the directorship of La Academia at de Tango Milonguero with Susana Miller, where she gives lessons and seminars throughout the year. From March 2002 she danced professionally with Carlos Gavito, with whom she performed and taught workshops in Buenos Aires, as well as on tours and in festivals in Europe, Japan and Russia. She preformed frequently with Gavito, including at the Palais de Glace in Buenos Aires, and the closing nights of the International Tango Festival organized by the Government of the City of Buenos Aires and the Congreso Internacional de Tango Argentino (C.I.T.A.) in 2003 and 2004. She continues to tour internationally, and has participated in festivals throughout Europe, Asia, the Pacific and the USA. Maria studied anthropology and her work in tango is characterized by research and teaching of the milonguero language, which she learned and still learns dancing in the best milongas in Buenos Aires, although these days she is also happily dedicated to being a mother. (Source: www.tangomilonguero.net) 



Sted: Bridgehuset and Speilsalen Britannia
Startdato: 19.09.2014 19:00

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