Nordic Sheepdog Championship 2019

Checklist for entering Nordic Sheepdog Championship :

- Bankcard (VISA, Mastercard, bankaxcept)
- A key to do secure payment if your bank requires this
- Registration number for the dog

Your entry is approved when the payment is done. Please check your email for confirmation.

More information about Nordic Sheepdog Championship : 

Any questions about entering, please contact:
Ken Lunn, Norsk Sau og Geit
Tlf: +47 95 23 47 75


Information about the handler:
Membership number in your association
First name
Last name
Postcode and place
Gjenta e-post
Number of dogs entered *
 (kr 1 000,00 pr stk)
Remember to fill in name and registration on all dogs you are entering.
Dog 1 Registration number
Dog 1 Name of dog
Ranking of dog 1 in country
If you have a second dog, please enter bellow.