KAMAYAN sa Torget

Chef Jane & Nordikpinay presents


(food will be serve platter/bilao style per group/table)

A refreshing Pinoy style welcome drink

Lumpiang Shanghai (Filippinsk våruller)

Kinilawin na Isda (fisk ceviche på filippinsk vri)

Lechon Kawali (stekte ribbe)

Chicken Inasal (marinert & grillet kylling m/ sitrongress)

Aromatic Steamed Jasmine Rice (kokte jasmin ris)

Vegetables & sides:

okra, corn, cucumber, onions, atchara (syltet grønnsaker)

Dips & sauces:

Toyomansi (soya-sitron), sweet chili sauce, Chili Soya Vinaigrette (soya-eddik m/ chili, løk,hvitløk)


sliced tropical fruits, cassava cake

What is KAMAYAN?

A kamayan dinner is a Filipino feast in which you eat unimaginable amounts of food off banana leaves at a communal table, without any utensils whatsoever.

Kamayan requires a certain level of letting go: The shoulders slump and elbows widen as you carve out space for yourself at the table and hunker down toward the food. The less confident you might feel about getting food from hand to mouth, the closer you might hunch.

For many Filipinos, eating this way comes almost naturally. Eating with the hands has a long history in the Philippines. "There are numerous accounts written by Spanish missionaries of Filipinos eating with their hands throughout the islands," says Alex Orquiza, a history professor at Providence College in Rhode Island.

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