Exploring Practices in Theological Research/Educating Ministry Professionals in the Nordic context

About the Conference and Conference Theme

Practice is a buzzword in practical theological work, yet it is often unclear what scholars actually mean when using this concept. In this conference we explore and discuss various traditions of and approaches to practice theory, and how such theories are used in practical theological research and work. Closely related to practice theory is the term practices, and we also invite papers that explore various religious practices through various theoretical, methodological, and empirical approaches.

These questions will be addressed through key note lectures, paper presentations, roundtables/panels and informal conversations. We invite scholars from practical theology, and other disciplines interested in these questions, to join us! The conference targets a Nordic audience in particular, but welcomes participants from other countries as well.


The conference Exploring Practices in Theological Research is the second conference organized by the Nordic Network – Practice and Theology, and seeks to continue the conversation about practice and practices that was initiated during the previous conference in Århus in 2016. The “empirical turn” has provided a richer understanding of the practical, social and material side of religious life as a topic for theological reflection. It has also suggested that theological reflection and knowledge is not separate from actual practices, but embedded in them. At the same time, profound questions for practical theology, and other theological research disciplines, have appeared. We, thus, seek to deepen the understanding of practices and practice theory in practical theological research by inviting speakers and papers that explore and discuss various approaches to practice theory and religious practice.


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