The Tibetan Art of Healing: "How to Avoid Stress and Burnout"

Sowa rigpa The Tibetan Art of Healing: "How to avoid Stress and Burnout"
Online seminar with 
Menpa (Amjee) Namgyal Phunrab

Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd of May 2021
at 10.00 AM - 12.00 PM (UTC+2) via
           «Sowa rigpa: How we can use knowledge on diet and behaviour 
to prevent stress and burnout 
and sustain a healthy body and mind»

In this online seminar the Tibetan doctor Menpa (Amjee) Namgyal Phunrab will give an introduction to The Tibetan Art of Healing, called Sowa Rigpa. In two sessions over two days he will give a particular focus on diet and behaviour to balance the the emotional disturbances causing stress and burnout, and what we can do to sustain a healthy body and mind.

Sowa Rigpa (གསོ་བ་རིག་པ་།) is the traditional medical system of Tibet. With roots dating back more than 2500 years, it is one of the oldest healing traditions in the world. Incorporating elements from the foreign medical systems of Ancient India, China, and Greece, Sowa Rigpa is a truly holistic system of medicine that utilizes highly sophisticated diagnostic techniques and the four main treatment methods of diet and lifestyle modifications, herbal medicine, and a diverse variety of manual therapies in order to fulfill its fourfold aim of preventing illness, curing illness, extending life, and cultivating happiness.

A Sowa Rigpa practitioner is commonly known as Amjee / Menpa. Amjee or Menpa refers to as one who approaches other beings with unconditional love and compassion from the warm heart to support their imbalance state of body and mind.

Seminar weekend, Saturday/Sunday 10 AM -12 PM (Oslo - UTC+2) - NOK 400. Register below and you'll receive an email with a Zoom link to the event the day before it starts.

Menpa (Amjee) Namgyal Phunrab will also hold a seminar on "How to Overcome Fear and Anxiety" via Zoom on April 24th and 25th.

Menpa (Amjee) Namgyal Phunrab was born in 1971 and is a Certified Registered Practitioner of Tibetan Medicine. He achieved his certification with distinction and is appreciated for his holistic way of treating clients. He holds lectures, workshops and seminars on the Traditional Tibetan Medical System worldwide. 
He currently lives in South-India with his wife and two daughters. Menpa (Amjee) Namgyal Phunrab teaches in English.   


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