SalsaNor Rueda Congress 2022

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Welcome to Oslo!
1 - 4 September 2022
Event info:

SalsaNor is thrilled to welcome you to Rueda Congress in the beautiful city of Oslo, Norway! 

Rueda Congress Fullpass

Please note that the price will depend on the number of passes sold. There is no specific date for prices to go up.

Available passes Single pass
Couples (per person)
 1st price * (40 passes)
NOK 1700 (≈ €170)
NOK 1600 (≈ €160)
 2nd price * (30 passes)
NOK 1800 (≈ €180)
NOK 1700 (≈ €170)
 3rd price * (30 passes)
NOK 1900 (≈ €190)
NOK 1800 (≈ €180)
 4th price * (20 passes)
NOK 2000 (≈ €200)
NOK 1900 (≈ €190)


Meals may be bought together with the Rueda Congress pass, or in a separate purchase later on. Info about the meals. 

 Friday dinner
NOK 240 (≈ €24) *
 Saturday gala dinner
NOK 475 (≈ €48) *
 Sunday dinner
NOK 240 (≈ €24) *
 Lunch deal (Saturday + Sunday)
NOK 250 (≈ €25) *

*) prices in NOK will apply (Norwegian Kroner), 
accurate conversion can be found here:   

Rueda PRE-congress (Thursday Sep 1st)
Info | Separate opens soon 

Lead / Follow 

Lead means leading in a couple, not calling out the commands in the Rueda.
Couples must be 1 lead + 1 follow, you may sign up for different levels as lead/follow.

You sign up as
- LEAD referes to the leading role in a couple 
- FOLLOW if you are dancing the woman's regular role in the Rueda classes

Make sure to sign up for the right role for your sign-up to be valid.

Rueda levels 
Please read carefully the definitions of Rueda levels in the workshop before signing up.

Cancellation policy

Please read our cancellation policy before you sign up.

Norwegian words/phrases in the sign-up process:

velg = choose
fullt = sold out
"Det er dessverre ingen flere plasser igjen" = There are unfortunately no more passes left

Registration form

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--- Reserva tus comidas del congreso:
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--- Please help us planning the event:
--- Por favor ayúdenos a planear el evento:
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Atenderé la escapada viernes por el día:

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Voy a reservar alojamiento en el Hotel del Congreso:

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