NeIC2022 - Nordic Models for Open Science Collaboration

The theme of the NeIC 2022 Conference is Nordic Models for Open Science Collaboration. The event is a celebration of NeIC's 10-year anniversary and an opportunity to connect in 3D after a long era of video conferences and online-only meetings. In 2022, Norway will hold the chairmanship of the Nordic Council of Ministers, which has affected the programme planning of the conference. By offering programme sessions that are interesting to both decision-makers and researchers, we hope to create an opportunity to bring the success stories of Nordic e-infrastructure collaboration to the attention of the political level. 

All conference speakers are invited to register to the conference free of charge. Please pick the category 'Conference speaker' when registering. 

Members of the Programme committee are invited to register to the conference free of charge. Please pick the category 'Programme committee' when registering. 

If you are working in a NeIC project or activity, member of the XT, NeIC Board or Provider Forum, or Coordinator for a NeIC Affiliate, you can register to the conference free of charge. Project team members need to get a confirmation from their team leaders before registering to the conference. Please pick the category 'NeIC staff' while registering. 

EOSC-Nordic staff are asked to register as regular attendants and then have the registration fee and travel costs reimbursed from the local EOSC-Nordic budget. Members of the International Advisor Committee are asked to contact EOSC-Nordic PMO regarding the reimbursement. 

The programme and further information of the conference can be found on the official event page on Indico. If you have any questions regarding the event or registrations, please contact the Conference manager Vilma Häkkinen. 

The registration fee can be paid online (Visa/Mastercard or Vipps).

REGISTRATION TO NEIC2022 HAS CLOSED. If you have not registered for the conference but think it would be beneficial for you, please contact the Conference manager Vilma Häkkinen at vilma.hakkinen(a)


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