Salsa 2 (Couple Class) "22nd August -21st October"

Welcome back to the new round of dance courses that starts 22nd August 2022

Salsa 2 (Couple dance course) with Glesniel 

Duration: 8 weeks (once a week)
Mondays, 21:00 - 21:55

This course is a continuation of Salsa 1. Variations and combinations of basic steps are introduced and the course focuses further on the coordination of two people dancing together. We will continue advancing the basic figures that the participants already know and challenge them to new levels of dancing together.
It may be advantageous to combine this course with Salsa Solo, repeat Salsa 1 and/or Reggaeton.

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(*) Remember that for Salsa 1 you need to pay for two additional courses as the course has two classes per week.
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