Hardanger Open - Training seminar

Hardanger Handbak Klubb invite to Training Seminar.


Professional armwrestler from the United States, John Brzenk. UPDATE 16th of August: Mr. John Brzenk can not come due to quarantine restrictions.

Engin Terzi from Turkey

Janis Amolins, Raimonds Liepins, Kaspars Gravis, Marats Priede and Vladislavs Krasovskis from Latvia

Malin Kleinsmith and Fia Reisek from Sweden

Frode Veim Haugland and Arne Thuen from Os HK, Norway

Places available:

Maximum 150 participants. 

We will use 25 tables and split 6 persons per table. The instructors will circulate.


Hardanger Hotel, Eitremsveien 13, 5750 Odda. Phone: +47 53646464. Email: post@hardangerhotel.no

Odda Camping Eide, 5750 Odda. Phone: +47 94141279. Email: post@oddacamping.no


Please bring your confirmation received by email after your registration and payment!


Friday 20th of August - SuperMatches between Norway and Latvia (link is coming soon)

Saturday 21st of August - Hardanger Open, Norges Cup #2 2020/2020ne


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