Viking Trail 2022

Viking Trail 2022 Prs Match

Norways, maybe Europes, biggest PRS Match !

3 seperate matches at 3 seperate ranges in southern Norway. All ranges vary in style of shooting from mostly field style to more arena type shooting. We have day winners but the big goal is combined winner where we have cash payouts from 1st to 5th place (amount depends on how many shooters we have).
30+ stages and around 350 rounds !

 Day 1 is Abusdal. Mostly natural terrain and shooting in field style conditions (aiming for 100% field style). Ranges out to 700m.

Day 2 is Røyseland. Mix of mostly field style and some props. Ranges out to 800m where we shoot up 3 different directions at the same time.

Day 3 is Mykland. Mostly props with a little field style. Shorter ranges out to 500m and more speed and movement.

Each day we will serve a good lunch

Shooters might have to walk about 2.2km each way from the parking lot with their gear on day 1, this is on gravel road mostly flat with small inclines. Day 2 is about 300m walk from parking lot and day 3 about 50m.

There are up to 70 spots available for the match

Match registration is binding and no refunds.

If anything is to stop the match from beeing put on full refunds will be payd out.

Please ask any questions you might have to or if all the spots are gone but you want to be put on a waiting list.

The registration deadline has passed or the event is fully booked