Walk & Talk with WISTA

MONDAY 14 SEPTEMBER 1700 - 1900


1700 We gather in Skomakerstuen - https://www.floyen.no/aktiviteter/kreativt-mote-pa-floyen/

1710 We are served a warming Fish Soup

1720 Agnes Bamford, NHH PhD Research Scholar – will introduce us to ‘Intercultural Competencies and Cultural Intelligence in the Work Environment’

1745 Q & A - Blueberry Buns and Coffee

1800 Canoe Paddling Relays at Skomakerdiket


We hope that you would like to join us for a walk, a talk and heaps of fun at Fløyen and Skomakerdiket!

Practical info:

Let us know if you are not familiar with how to get to Skomakerdiket.

You might want to wear sporty attire if you are to join the canoe paddling relay.

For those who want to walk up we will meet at Fløien Station at 15.30. If you prefer taking Fløybanen up, allow 10-15 mins for the ride and you can buy tickets at www.floyen.no



Agnes Bamford is a PhD Research Scholar at the Department of Professional and Intercultural Communication at the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) and runs her own intercultural consultancy.

Her research interests include international business communication. Agnes’ area of research is intercultural communication in multinational corporations, with a specific focus on global parental leave policies. Her teaching at NHH includes English for Business and the Internship Abroad Master Course.

Agnes has more than 20 years of international business experience, which includes working in financial services (fintech) in London, for Bloomberg LP, being a board member for the Norwegian-British Chamber of Commerce for seven years and running an intercultural business consultancy across Europe Middle East and Africa.

She holds an MA in Applied Linguistics from the University of London  and she is also a graduate ‘siviløkonom’ from NHH


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