Tango Weekend with Lucia Conde de Ben & Maximiliano Cristiani

Program for the weekend :

Thursday 5.03 at 18.00-19.30 :TEACHING TEACHERS: This theoretical class is designed for teachers or those who are interested in becoming teachers and improving their teaching. The focus is on a teaching system, on how to transmit information so that the student receives it in a clear way and not on specific figures or styles. A format and organization chart will be presented to give order to the teaching process in a systematic way. The focus will be on the key of getting the student to feel motivated to continue learning so that the community of dancers grows. Tango Abrazo is sponsoring this course and is offered at the symbolic price of 100NOK per participant - no partner required.

Friday 6.03 at 18.00- 19.30 :LINEAR & CIRCULAR MOVMENT: Develop circularity in movements, find comfort to have a fluid and flexible dance using different body engines without depending on the brand and interpretation. level FUNDAMENTALS

Friday 6.03 at 19.45- 21.15 :IMPROVISATION:How to build improvisation between two, dancing so that both roles are free.Musicality played by folower or by the leader. level AMBITIOUS

Friday 6.03 at 21.30-01.00 Milonga in JV with Dj Irem & Ingebjørg hosting


Saturday 7.03 at 13.00-14.30 :GIRO: different figures in rotation, how to adapt the rotation depending on the figure, rhythmic, melodic, with punches, screwing, when and how to use the centrifugal force in the turns. How to break the structure of giro in improvisation. level FUNDAMENTALS

Saturday 7.03 at 15.00-16.30 :TOGETHERNESS IN THE EMBRACE: Technique for working as a dance partner: the objective is to study the movement from the dance partner, as a follower or as a leader with exercises that help to study and understand the functionality of the movement. Dissociation, projection, fluidity, connection, circularity, connection in the embrace, dynamics changes. level AMBITIOUS

Saturday 7.03 at 21.00- 01.00 Milonga and show in JV with DJ Gabriel & Jakob hosting


Sunday 8.03 at 13.00-14.30 :MILONGUERO SYSTEM: resources for dance in small place, figuras using rebounds, full embrace, working diferents music. level FUNDAMENTALS

Sunday 8.03 at 15.00-16.30 :BAILAMOS UNA MILONGA :  traditional and fun figures for turns in milonga including traspie in giro. level AMBITIOUS

Sunday 8.03 at 19:00-22:00 Milonga in JV with DJ Anne Lise & Eleni hosting

Beklager, påmeldingsfristen er utløpt. Ta kontakt med arrangøren for mer informasjon