Anatomy Trains Structural Integration Certification Part III

Welcome to the 12-series 

Structural Integration Certification in Bergen, Norway!

Part III: Structural Integration - 12 series 

Teachers; Thomas Myers(19th-23rd Sept) Lou Benson & Don Thompson - September 19th. - October 3rd. 2020

Teachers; Lou Benson & Don Thompson  - October 17th- October 31st. 2020

The final piece of the ATSI Training takes you through the 12 series'. In this 30 day program students will build on their knowledge and experience in learning the anatomy, theory, and practice of the 12 series of Structural Integration. Students will work with classroom partners and also with outside models, receiving valuable feedback and guidance from the highly skilled and experienced Anatomy Trains faculty.

  • Supervised instruction in the 12 series
  • Full spectrum clinical application
  • Starting and building a practice
  • Quizzes, review of client session notes, an overview essay and manual work evaluation
  • Graduation is at the discretion of part 3 instructors

Certification, website and directory listings are dependent on completion of all course work.

Please note, in addition to the classroom based ATSI Training, all applicants must receive an ATSI 12-session series (or other SI 10-series). We require written confirmation from a certified SI practitioner (e.g, ATSI, Rolf, IPSB, Hellerwork, Core etc) before the end of ATSI Part II - Structural Vision. Applicants also need to undertake testing, self study and submit essays during ATSI Part 2: Structural Vision and ATSI Part 3 - Structural Integration

Please Note: In order to attend ATSI Part III Structural Integration you must have completed an Anatomy Trains prerequisite workshop ATSF.  Part I: The 6 Structural Essentials, ATSI Part II: Structural Strategies and all other requirements must have been satisfied and met. 

Tom Myers welcome you into part III:

Structural Integration Training Application

ATSI Registration Guidelines and Prerequisites

  • Acceptance into this program is entirely at the discretion of Anatomy Trains.
  • All applications must be submitted with photo, certificates and $500 non-refundable deposit in order to be considered.
  • All parts must be taken in sequential order. In addition, there are the following prerequisites:

Part I Requirements:

  • Prior attendance at an “Anatomy Trains for Manual Therapists”, “Anatomy Trains in Structure & Function”, or an “Anatomy Trains I & II” workshop is required.
  • Documented receipt of a Structural Integration series (ATSI (KMI), Rolfing®, Hellerwork®, or the like) must be completed by Part I. If there are no practitioners in your area, please contact Anatomy Trains to arrange to receive sessions during Parts I & II.

Part II / III Requirements:

  • Three years practical experience in manual therapy after graduation from a recognized training program (exceptions are possible, but must be discussed with Anatomy Trains well in advance).
  • Part 1 or Parts 1 and 2 may be taken on their own by qualified persons for personal or professional development. Important note: Preference is given to students enrolled in all three parts.
  • Minimum enrollment numbers must be met in order for any course to commence as scheduled. Please refrain from securing travel arrangements until such announcement is made – usually no less than 8 weeks prior to class start dates.
  • Payment installment options are available online. There is a discount of $1000 for paying in full for all three parts. You will be given further details about tuition policies upon acceptance to the program.

ATSI Pathway for Movement Professionals

Many graduates who have started our program without a background in manual therapy have completed all courses and established successful and rewarding careers in Structural Integration.

To assist candidates who do not have (or have very limited) previous training in a form of manual therapy, we have created a Mentorship Pathway to provide the basic skills and understanding needed to begin the full ATSI training, and to build on throughout the program for maximum benefit. Click here for the full Pathway for Movement Professionals. Click here for the Mentorship Checklist.

Information about Anatomy Trains courses in Norway : 

Information about Anatomy Trains courses worldwide:

Improve your techniques & strategies by repetition.

Are you on the pathway and attended these courses before we are happy to offer 50% discount for repetition of the SE courses. We find this a very good opportunity to deepen your understanding even more, to be in the environment of other practitioners and a amazing opportunity to learn more. A perfect opportunity to prepare yourself for the final certification in Structural Integration part II & III.  

Part I: The six Structural Essentials 

  1. Arches and the Legs – 3 days - with Don Thompson - June 14th-16th 2019  - 6500 NOK  3250NOK
  2. Fans of the Hip – 2 ½ days - with Kai K. Høgberg - Aug. 30th- Sept. 1st 2019 - 5500 NOK  2750NOK
  3. Abdomen, Chest & Breath – 2 ½ days - w/Don Thompson - Oct. 25th-27th 2019 - 5500 NOK  2750NOK
  4. Tensegrity Spine – 2 days - with Michael Watson - February 1st-2nd. 2020 - 4550 NOK  2275NOK
  5. Shoulders & Arms – 2 days - with Don Thompson -  March 7th- 8th. 2020 - 4550 NOK   2275NOK
  6. Head, Neck & Jaw – 2 days - with Owen Lewis - April 4th- 5th. 2020 - 4550 NOK  2275NOK


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