International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Conference


This 2-day International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell conference organised by the Nordic countries will focus on discussions around the establishment and support of Hydrogen Energy supply chains.

During the conference, we will highlight experiences, opportunities, threats and bottlenecks in the area of Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies over a series of presentations.

This conference is open to national and international R&D institutions and Universities as well as industries involved in the engineering, scientific, technology developing and end-user sectors.

The conference is organised by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, SINTEF, Chalmers University of Technology and the Norwegian Hydrogen Forum.


Other scopes:

  • Inform/update the industry & the public on the status of Hydrogen and Fuel Technologies (HFCT) in all market sectors (land transportation, stationary, portable, maritime, air passenger, military etc)
  • Discuss existing and promising HFCT markets
  • Highlight various HFCT programmes, projects, etc in various market sectors at governmental and industrial levels worldwide
  • Highlight innovative materials, systems (and integration) in fuel cell and hydrogen generation


Prof. Bruno G. Pollet, NTNU

Dr Anders Ødegård, SINTEF

Kristian E. Vik, Norwegian Hydrogen Forum

Keynote Speakers

Alberto J. Garcia Hombrados - FCH2 JU, European Union, Brussels, Belgium

Prof. Odne S. Burheim - Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

Shanna D. Knights - Ballard Power Systems, Canada

Prof. Gregory Jerkiewicz - Queen's University, Canada

Dr Kerry-Ann Adamson - 4th Energy Wave, UK

Prof. Vladimir Molkov - HySAFER, University of Ulster, UK

Other Speakers

Randi Mette Hegseth, Statoil, Norway

Christophe Turpin, Université de Toulouse, France

Theophile Horde, Safran Group, France

Laurence Grand-Clément, PersEE, France

Rohit Prasad, Proton Motor Fuel Cell, Germany

Everett B. Anderson, Proton OnSite, USA

Dmitri Bessarabov, HySA Infrastructure/NWU, South Africa

David Hodgson, PV3 Technologies, UK

Michaela Kendall, Adelan, UK

Hans Aage Hjuler, DPS, Denmark

Daniel Hissel, FCLAB, Université de Franche-Comté, France

Adamo Screnci, Thyssenkrupp, Germany

Ole Svendgård, Fornybarklyngen (Renewable Energy Cluster), Norway

Helen Hartel, Helen Hartel Rådgivning AS, Norway

Jon Eriksen, Hystorsys, Norway

Thomas Bjørdal, NVES (G-PaTRA), Norway

Øystein Ulleberg, IFE, Norway

Jaakko Akola, NTNU, Norway

Kristian M. Lien, NTNU, Norway

Bernhard Kvaal, TrønderEnergi, Norway

Roger Sæther, ASKO, Norway

Tomas Tronstad, HYON, Norway

Hans-Christian Koch-Wintervoll, DNV GL AS, Norway

Kyrre Sundseth, SINTEF, Norway

Bjørn Simonsen, NEL Hydrogen, Norway

Geir Magnar Brekke, Statkraft, Norway

Torkild Reinertsen, Reinertsen New Energy, Norway

Tom Smolinka, Fraunhofer ISE, Germany

Trond Strømgren, Maritim Association Sogn&Fjordane, Norway

Julian Popp, Hydrogenious Technologies GmbH, Germany

Attilio Pigneri, Hydrogen Utility, Australia

Anne Dalager Dyrli, Cerpotech, Norway

Cory Shumaker, California Hydrogen Business Council, USA

Kristian M. Lien, NTNU

Scientific Committee

Magnus Thomassen, SINTEF

Federico Zenith, SINTEF

Signe Kjelstrup, NTNU

Frode Seland, NTNU

Kristian M. Lien, NTNU

Svein Sunde, NTNU

Øystein Ulleberg, IFE

Volodymyr Yartys, IFE/NTNU

Truls Norby, University of Oslo

Jens Oluf Jensen, DTU

Hans Aage Hjuler, DPS

Björn Wickman, Chalmers University

Organising Committee

Bruno G. Pollet, NTNU

Kristian E. Vik, Norwegian Hydrogen Forum

Anders Ødegård, SINTEF

Björn Wickman, Chalmers University

Odne S. Burheim, NTNU

Kristian M. Lien, NTNU

Fredrik Haugland, NTNU

Ask Isben Lindal, NTNU

Call for Abstracts

The deadline for Abstracts submission for both presentations and posters is April 8 2018 ( This conference will also offer courses in the following topics: fuel cell and electrolyser technologies, hydrogen and fuel cell materials and systems.

You are invited to submit an abstract to the conference. The following template must be used: Abstract template (word). Please send your abstract to by April 8 2018.

Authors will be notified on acceptance by April 15 2018. Based on the evaluation by the Scientific Committee, abstracts could be accepted as oral presentation or as poster.

Conference Fees

1250 NOK for regular attendees 

625 NOK for members of the Norwegian Hydrogen Forum

625 NOK for students (FREE for 25 students)

625 NOK for One Day Pass

All fees include 25 % tax.

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