CryptoFinance Live 2017

This event is sponsored by Friend, Parsec Frontiers, eToro and BitGate.

A window into the future of finance

On October 19th we are flying in pioneer developers and entrepreneurs to speak at the conference CryptoFinance Live 2017. Some of the brightest minds in Norway’s Bitcoin and cryptocurrency community will also be taking stage. 


- Vit Jedlička, President of Liberland
- Torbjørn Bull Jenssen, Bitcoin Expert at Menon Economics
- Stephan Nilsson, Norwegian Bitcoin & Blockchain Association
- Lasse Meholm, Blockchain Author and Financial Advisor at DNB
- Bjørn Bjercke, Mr. Bitcoin in Norway
- Henning Rokling, CFO/COO Artplant, Parsec Frontiers
- Martin Wichmann, Head of Token Sale at ETHLend
- Frank Schuil, CEO & Founder of Safello
- Arne Blix, CEO & Founder of Friend Software
- Cédric Cobban, Founder of PeerTracks inc.
- Robert Viglione, Co-Founder of ZenCash 
- Ivan Liljeqvist, Host of "Ivan on Tech" YouTube channel
- Micheal Reed, CEO & Creator of PracticalVR
- Chris Coney, Bitcoin Consultant and Educator
- Zarihoun Traore, Senior Account Manager at eToro
- Max Wang, Head of Turbo Tech at China Renaissance
- Manuel Lains, Co-Founder & CEO of BitSpace and BitGate


11:35 Doors open

Session 1
12:10 Manuel Lains: Welcome & BitSpace
12:15 Host, Oslo FinTech: Practical information
12:20 Ivan Liljeqvist: Blockchain - a historic perspective
12:30 Stephan Nilsson: The cryptocommunity in Norway is buzzing
12:40 Zarihoun Traoré: Crypto needn’t be cryptic
13:00 Cédric Cobban: Old concepts, new arrangement
13:10 Bjørn Bjercke: Trust vs verification
13:20 Frank Schuil: The ICO from an investor’s point of view
13:30 Arne Blix: Friend Software - The liquid software company connecting everything
13:45 Chris Coney: Decentralized exchange - as fast as possible
14:00 Lunch

Session 2
14:45 Manuel & Christian Lains: BitGate - The Future of Finance
15:00 Robert Viglione: CryptoFinance: Where we are, and where we are going
15:15 Henning Rokling: Cryptocurrencies and virtual economies
15:30 Micheal Reed: How mixed reality will simplify the user experience of crypto
15:40 Martin Wichmann: ETHLend - decentralized lending markets
15:50 Max Wang: A bit economy. China
16:00 Vit Jedlička: Liberland - State model for the 21st century
16:20 Coffee break

Session 3
16:40 Lasse Meholm: Future of money, is it blockchain-based or other technologies?
16:55 Torbjørn Bull Jenssen: ICO - funding the future or scamming the fools?
17:10 Panel debate:
Henning Rokling, Lasse Meholm, Arne Blix, Thorbjørn Bull Jenssen, Stephan Nilsson, Manuel Lains. Moderated by Ivar Duserud.
18:00 Round-up

18:30 VIP Dinner19:30 CryptoNight Live! w/Alper Güler and guests
20:30 CryptoNetworking 2017

Day tickets include


VIP Dinner tickets include

*A fine 3-course dinner
*A chance to dine with speakers and other CryptoFinance enthusiasts
*Evening talk

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