Prior to signing up for the seminars, please read and respect the levels described below. By following this, the quality of the classes and seminars will improve for you and others in the class. Seminars for intermediate level is suitable for intermediate and advanced dancers.

Level INTERMEDIATE: 2-5 years of practice. You have attended several courses and have danced regurlarly 1-2 times a week. You are familiar with and have a reasonable understanding of tango and a good repertoire of steps.

Level ADVANCED: 5 and more years of practice. Solid understanding of techical aspects of tango. You manage to improvise in your dance and feel comfortable dancing with most partners. You have practiced tango for many years and are able to share your experience and techniques with others.


This is a concept where you sign up for the whole weekend seminar. In this way you get the opportunity to learn and develop through several classes where each class builds upon the previous. There will be two seminars: one on intermediate level and one on advanced level, each with 3 classes. If you consider yourself an advanced dancer, you can register for both.

INTERMEDIATE: "Useful Moves For The Dancefloor" 
A condensed mix of ideas that will be handy for both leaders and followers. Training on short and stylish combinations. Turns using rebounds. Basic rhythmical training for both roles. Tips for smart dance floor navigation. 

ADVANCED: " In Tune With the Music"
Adapt and modify your movement according to a musical idea. Changes of dynamic to create contrast and give texture to your dance. Break your habits, open the dialogue and start improvising. The value of transitions.

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