RIFF 2018

Røra International Friendship Fightcamp 2017 became a GREAT success! 270 fighters of all ages and levels, and 5 different nations! We promise you that Røra International Friendship Fightcamp 2018 will be even bigger and better!


This camp will be for everyone. We will have different groups based on age and level of experience!

Everyone will get at least 2-3 training passes each day!

This Years Coaches


Bianca Walkden


The world best Female fighter of the year 2017! From the British National Team, Bronze in the Rio Olympic, 2 times World Champion, 4 x Grand Prix winner and European champion!

She is ranked as #1. In the world!

Bianca have proved time after time why she is the best Taekwondo fighter in the world! We are very happy that she also this time want to come to our training camp!

With great enthusiasm and always with a smile ready she became one of the most popular coaches at last years camp!

Aaron Cook

Everyone knows who Aaron Cook is! Aaron might be the most known Taekwondo athlete in the world!

Aaron have won the World Championship and the European Championship!
He is ranked as #3. In the world! 


With his great enthusiasm, and always ready to help you learn how to become the best you can become, Aaron made a great impact on us all last year!


Aaron was also here at RIFF 2017, and we had many that requested him back for RIFF 2018!

And we are happy to announce that he will come this time too!


Nikos Paitaridis

 Master Nikos Paitaridis! Nikos was here last year as well with some of the fighters from his club Soat!
 Nikos is one of Europe best coaches! He has many champions in his club, and travel the world to hold seminars.
Also this year he will bring some of his excellent fighters who will participate in the training!

 The Norwegian Senior Team


The Senior National Team of Norway! They were here at least years camp as well, where they proved how they in such short time have built up the Norwegian National Team to a very high international level!


The National Senior Team will be coaches at the camp special adapted for high level fighters!

Jalal Khodami


Jalal have been a professional fighter for many years, and been a member of what is said to be the best national team in the world, the Iranian National Team!

Jalal have achieved this and more:

- 2010 Fajr Cup Open Championships Iran, Bronze Medal
 - 2010 Korea Taekwondo Open, Silver Medal.
 - 2012 World Cup Championships Aruba, Silver Medal.
 - 2012 World Universities Championships Korea, Gold Medal.
 - 2012 Europe-Asia Intercontinental Taekwondo Championships Russia, Gold Medal.
 - 2013 Fujairah Open International Taekwondo championships UAE, Bronze Medal.
 - 2014 Carthage Open Championships Tunisia, Silver Medal.
 - 2014 Turkish Open Antalya Bronze Medal
 - 2014 Iran Asian Taekwondo Clubs Championships Iran, Bronze Medal.

 Ken «Big Foot» Holter


Ken «Big Foot» Holter is one of the biggest TKD fighters in the world! He was an active fighter for many years and feared by many! Today he is a very popular coach for the “next generation” fighters.
Master Ken will be the boss for the pewee part of the camp where he also will have his famous Ninja obstacle course




RIFF 2018 will be for EVERYONE from 5 years old and up. It will be special sessions for kids and for youth/adults. It will also be divided into groups from beginners to those participating in international G level competitions. So this camp suits everyone!

You will have the opportunity to meet and train with Olympic and World Champions! 

You will be trained by trainers who have trained Olympic athletes and who can give you advice for further development.

You get to train with other practitioners from all over Europe, and make new friends that will last a life time.


-       Test matches will be held for all G practitioners.

-       There will be a separate playroom for all children with jumping castle and Ninja obstacle course.

-       Every evening there will be cinema.

-       Everyday there will be breakfast, lunch and dinner.

-       If the weather permits, we will arrange Fun in the snow (so bring out door clothes)

-       NEW this time is that we arrange Tag Team competition with LARGE trophy as a prize.

-       Meet and Greet dinners will be organized for all club coaches together with the camp coaches.

-      Training, dining and accommodation will take place under the same roof.


This time we offer 3 different packages.
-       All inclusive where all the training, breakfast, lunch, dinner and accommodation in classrooms are included. Price is only kr 1400.-

-       Training only kr. 900.- for those who wish to stay in a hotel.

-       Parent package kr. 500.- includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and accommodation in classrooms.

Of course, there is a kiosk at the camp with the opportunity to buy food and other things during the camp. Lunch and dinner can be bought on site for those who wish to stay in a hotel but still want to eat with us!

All clubs that have registered 5 or more athletes, get 1 free VIP bracelet for the trainer of the club! This bracelet is the same as All-Inclusive plus they get free coffee throughout the camp! In addition, the VIP bracelet also provides free access to the trainers Meet & Greet Dinners.


New this time is that RIFF 2018 will finally be arranged at "home ground"!

Akset on Inderøy is a brand-new building that contains 2 halls, wardrobes, youth and high school with many classrooms, school kitchen, cafe and more. Everything under the same roof.

This means that athletes do not have go outside to train, sleep and eat.

Akset is centrally located beautiful Inderøy's with “all” its shops and restaurants.


Google Maps


It is easy and quick to get to the RIFF camp. Vernes Airport in Trondheim has direct flights to and from many Norwegian and international cities. Right at the airport is the train station. It is only about 1-hour train ride from Vernes Airport to Røra Station (Northbound). There, at the train station we will wait for you and drive you to the training camp (10 minutes’ drive)!


We will also arrange for transportation back to the train station at the end of the camp!


You can check the train departures from Vernes airport to Røra here: https://www.nsb.no/en/frontpage

 Remember to let us know in advance when you arrive at Røra Station! Send an email to orjan.hovik@gmail.com or phone +47 902 12 238



We have worked out some special prices for rooms at Jæktvolden fjordhotell (http://jegtvolden.no/). The hotel is just 5 minutes by car from the training camp. We will also help with transportation to and from the hotel.

- Single room kr. 940 Inc. Breakfast

- Double room kr. 990 Inc. Breakfast

- Triple room kr. 1590 Inc. Breakfast

- Family room kr. 1090 + 200 extra per kid. Inc. Breakfast

Contact the hotel directly to book a room by phone +47 741124700 or email mail@jegtvolden.no. Remember to mention that you will participate at RIFF 2018.


We can guarantee everyone a wonderful weekend with coaches who are among the best in the world. TKD stars, Olympic athletes, practitioners from different nations, lots of fun, many new friends and lots of amazing Taekwondo!


Sign up now! We only have room for 300 fighters. Last year we had to close the registrations 1 month before the registration deadline! Register NOW


We look forward to welcoming you at Røra International Friendship Fightcamp 16-18 feb. 2018!

You can download the time schedule here https://www.dropbox.com/s/maw16iimij72r7j/schedule2018.pdf?dl=0


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Please know there is a no refund policy. So be certain that you will come before registrating.





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