Dear woman, are you ready to 

  •  Break free from the thought and emotional processes that are keeping you on a low vibrational level?

    Forsake expectations and create a life filled with joy, happiness and satisfaction?

    Step into your own light and express your true potential?

    Awaken your intuition?

    Do the things that you love without a guilty conscience?

    Show the world your true authentic power?

    Open your body, heart and soul in profound new ways and embrace life as a delicious dance rather than a disciplined march?


If YES is the most common answer to the above mentioned questions and you feel a strong pull inside your guts, then you should join Polona’s unique and extraordinary weekend seminar Embody Feminine Energy where you will have the chance to discover the depths and miracles of your inner beauty in ways that will surprise, delight and amaze you. 

"Feminine energy needs to flow. We need to allow our women to flow freely." 

Being a women nowadays is not easy ...

Being a woman nowadays demands taking on certain roles in life. Many women feel forced to disguise their true nature  in order to fit in and as a consequence they quite often experience stress, anxiety and depression. Putting the needs of others first, robs them of life pleasures and at the end of the day leaves them feeling lonely, empty and not satisfied or fulfilled in life. 

If you wonder, I know exactly how it feels like ...

I do ... Many years ago, I was imprisoned by the high's society's expectations too. I never felt I was enough. I was looking for my value in external things, people and events. Blindly following the rules, I was hoping that one day in the future, things will eventually add up and I would find my inner peace in life. Postponing my life to the future each single day, I rarely found pleasure, happiness and satisfaction in the present moment. I didn't really cherries myself, because moments when I fulfilled high expectations and let myself fully relax and enjoy my life, were very seldom. 

That was my life like until the day when I awakened. 

A tinny voice inside my head expressed a loud thought "Polona, who are you? What is your purpose in life?"

These two questions changed my life forever ... I embarked on a years long journey with the intention to find my true self and start living from that dimension ...

Collecting the most life changing lessons, I now gathered in a weekend seminar called Embody Feminine Energy with the intention to help other women who crave to step into their true power and design a life they truly desire and deserve. 

In two intense, soul searching days, the Embody Feminine Energy weekend seminar will help you reveal your true self and set you free. 

Release emotional blocks and clear the way for true healing

During the course of two intensive days you will learn


  • how to distinguish between your true self and your programmed self
  • about the consequences of living your life according to the expectations of the society 
  • how to recognise your programmes and how to break free from them
  • how to build a life truthful to yourself
  • how to establish a brand new relationship with your body and how to listen to it’s subtle messages 
  • how to transcend your logical mind and open yourself up to intuition
  • how to start communicating with yourself on deeper levels and how to change the way you see yourself


You will be invited to share your experiences in an intimate and safe environment with likely minded women. Many deep life changing realisations will be uncovered during this powerful seminar.

Tap into divine feminine within you and start to live your life from this profound truth. You will gavin profound understanding of your inner power and access feelings of freedom, joy and peace.


What women have to say about Polona

'Polona is a fantastic inspiration for all kinds of people out there. She puts her heart and intentions in helping people to reach their own power and light. I am very grateful for meeting her, she is delightful to be around and you can surely relax and learn in a new and positive way. She works in a graceful way, so the whole process of self-exploration and development transcends into fun and joyful moments of realisation and fulfillment.

 Amina Monsen El Bakkouchi (Norway)


'With your simple nature, genuine soul and abundant positive energy, you bring the light into the room, which enlightens our inner being… In addition, your professionalism helps us to get in touch with ourselves… You teach us how to listen to our bodies… How to love ourselves… Appreciate nature… And enjoy the power of the mind…

Thank you for being you… Unconditionally…'

 Vesna Gorican (Slovenija)


Polona has a beautiful and warm personality, and she fills the room with joy and happiness. This woman is glowing for sure! I was impressed by her ability to create trust, laughter and a strong feeling of community in the group in so short time. She is sharing her wisdom about life and how to live closer to who you are! Through telling her own strong story and also by inviting the whole group into sharing and reflecting, Polona takes the whole group into a journey filled with laughter, love, and joy.'

Camilla Juul (Norway)