Tango Kurs med Zeynep Aktar&Sercan Yigit

Both in their dance and their lifestyle, as a couple Sercan and Zeynep have a distinctive point of view embracing communication and innovation, always reminding the lively, respiring "human touch" of the tango dance. Sercan has been into music since he was 15 years old. With this musical background, knowledge and experience, he can seamlessly fuse tango music into his dance. This also gives him the ability of transposing a unique musicality experience to his students during their classes. 

Zeynep Aktar, on the other hand, proves how passionate she is about teaching tango by saying "...even after I became 50 years old, I would love to see my classes full of students." She graduated from English Language and Literature, Bosphorus University. She had been performing theatre for 4 years before dedicating herself to tango. She took stage many times. By means of firing up her devotion to teaching with all this know-how, Zeynep developed an exceptional style of communication with her students during class.

Since when they took their first steps long ago to tango dance, and they decided to walk in the same path hand in hand. Along with their trainings, they spent as much time as possible exercising, experimenting, fine-tuning and consequently, they won the championship at the tournament of Dance Sports Federation of Turkey (TDSF) in 2012. After this favorable result, they were sent to Lyon, France as "national candidates of Turkey" to compete in the tournament of Int'l Dance Federation. They won the third place. http://sercanyzeynep.com/?lang=en

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