Fuuse Forum: The human face of Islamic radicalisation

Felix Konferansesenter (Bryggetorget 3 - Aker Brygge), Friday September 18th

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We must ask why the personal and emotional needs of a minority have been unfulfilled in such a way as so to leave them vulnerable to radicalisation and extremism
– Deeyah Khan


This first FUUSE FORUM event addresses the identification of factors that make young people vulnerable to the messages of extremism and jihadism, and suggests practical methods to address these, in order to generate long-term primary prevention solutions to radicalisation in Europe. This event is valuable for policy makers, scholars of radicalisation, and anyone involved in working with populations at risk of radicalisation. The Human Face of Radicalisation explores some of the drivers leading to radicalisation in which scholars, activists and former radicals share their understandings and discuss how to counter radicalisation. The event takes an interdisciplinary, social science approach, combining anthropological, psychological and sociological factors which affect the susceptibility of Muslims living in the West to radicalisation. FUUSE FORUM speaks with former extremists who provide an intimate account of how they themselves became drawn to radical Islam, their experiences within extremist groups, and how they came to leave.

Current discourse around radicalisation revolves around the most spectacular instances: runaway brides, the organised brutality of the so-called Islamic State, young men leaving comfortable lives to kill and die in Iraq and Syria. The role of ideology, foreign policy and the internet have been debated at length in scholarly and popular circles. FUUSE FORUM will take a different approach. In filming Fuuse’s documentary Jihad, we spent over two years working with men and women who had been part of extremist organisations and found their personal journeys into violent extremism were often tirggered by vulnerabilities, such as life crises, disengagement, disagreements with family, unfulfilled ambitions. Just as cults and gangs provide a sense of purpose and camaraderie, so can religious extremism address the psychological and emotional needs of young people.

Ordinary: Kr. 550,-  (lunch included)
Students: Kr. 250,- (lunch included)

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Sted: Felix konferansesenter - Felix 2
Startdato: 18.09.2015 09:30
Sluttdato: 18.09.2015 16:30
Påmeldingsfrist: 17.09.2015 23:00
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