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Alan Sealy  works as a clinical Specialist in Vestibular Rehabilitation. Whilst on a lecture tour in Norway he was invited to establish ‘Balanseklinikken’, in Oslo. As the Director of Rehabilitation in Scandinavia’s busiest balance clinic, and more recently as Director of Aberdeen Balance Clinic, he has treated and helped over 7000 dizzy patients. This considerable experience is utilized in research and educational courses throughout Scandinavia and the UK.


  • "Relevant, specific and effective rehab programmes, based upon patient needs and clinical reasoning, rather than recipe-based models.

    Exercise progression and practical rehab tips for specific conditions eg. Visual vertigo, phobic postural vertigo, PPPD, Mal-de-debarquement, central vestibular disorders.

    Demonstration and practice of positional vertigo tests and treatments for the posterior, lateral and anterior semi-circular canals,

    Integrating cervical manual therapy with vestibular rehabilitation for opimal treatment of cervical dizziness.


  • Patient demonstrations

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