IFLA Preconference

The registration has some norwegain expressions. If you want to register as sponsor, choose that option, else go for the 870 kr. (95 EUR) in Priskategori, which is the set price for the event. As an accompanying person, register as normal, but write accompanying in the Institution-field.  

Choose which day you are staying or both. We would also like to know which soscial event you would like to attend during your stay.

After you have completed the form, choose "Legg til ny deltager", you will then see your name and price option, then choose Send påmelding to register. The registration will then take you to a payment solution that informs you that the checkout information will put deltager.no as the reciver of payment which is correct. You will get a conformation mail when you are done.

Link to help video: https://youtu.be/e3ErWT-njZc

If you have problems conntact managingchange[!at]bergenbibliotek.no

Sted: Bergen offentlige bibliotek
Påmeldingsfrist: 01.07.2017 17:00
Startdato: 15.08.2017 19:00
Sluttdato: 17.08.2017 22:00

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Get together 15.08 kl. 19.00
Dinner 16.08
Library visits

Terje Haugsgjerd